What about Kunimitsu?

but i thought Ninjas kill themselves or tear their face skin apart if anyone sees there face... :S:S ... well, i cant ever b too sure about it though..

@ Jemma ... dream on, lady... if Yoshi ever shows his face, im gonna give him King's Screwdriver... hihi

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No no... he doen't have to show his face.. I had other parts in mind :wink

hehe... what if he opens up nd all u find out is a 80 yr old man... dont u think its better to keep tht unseen..... lol

Gattsu :
Manji Z-Ryshan:
come onn!!.. "wearing a combination ninja/dominatrix outfit that barely covers her body." .. she's a freakin ninja... u wud b lucky if u ever get to see her face... lol

XD hahaha
Dude, just check out Ninja Gaiden, the female ninja Rachel.."Dominatrix" fits perfectly

Good lord, that´s really not very ninja-like ^^"

WOW LOL! I like to see her try and be stealthy.

Coming late to this topic, I think its hilarious to know that Kuni just was a copy and paste of Yoshimitsu back in the original Tekken. Namco must have realized that this looked horribly gay and decided to make a female counterpart to add to the whole storyline. I mean, Yoshimitsu in a Purple BodySuit?!?!

I think she is totally underrated as she worked very well back in Tekken 2, even moreso in Tag. As with our main man, she was harder to use but excellent in the hands of an expert.

Shit, I remember when I could use just about everyone in Tag's roster.... even to the point to where I could randomly select Mokujin and own.

I really hope Namco decides to release some type of Tag mode for 6. Wishful thinking for sure, but imagine the possibilities!! I think it could be done with digital downloads/add-ons.


I think the Kunimitsu costume for Yoshi in T5Dr is as close as we are going to get to seeing Kuni back on the roster... I may disagree with her permanent removal from the game since Tag, but I doubt she will ever come back...

let's hope she returns in tekken 7 O_O

Tenshimitsu : It might be problematic since it would mean Yoshimitsu failed with killing her (and it was, unfortunately, clearly shown that Yoshi killed her), which would mean he's no good ;)

However, maybe they'll come up with a good explanation so that Yoshi doesn't lose face? And Kuni friendly to Yoshi, please :)

Where exactly, other than the non-canon Tekken Tag ending, was it shown that Yoshi killed Kuni? Yoshi's T2 ending was him saving Dr. B., and Kuni's ending was her with Yoshi's sword. That's her last canon appearance. As far as we know, she just went missing after that.

Also: since when has Namco ever been afraid to retcon death? I seriously think Kuni should make a comeback. Heck, they might even do it with DLC for T6.


Kunimitsu was cool, they definitely should bring her back.

It'd be pretty cool to see her back, but I doubt it will happen. They've removed fighters like Armor King or their fight styles like Jun for a few installments but Kuni has been gone for four Tekken titles, I think it's unlikely she'll return.

Its actually a sad fact that Kuni only appeared in Tekken 2 and then Tekken Tag. With all of the clones we have in Tekken, as with Lee Chaolan/Law, Nina/Anna and King/Armor King, Kunimitsu would be a dead ringer to be brought back into the roster. Her Purple costume is sorely missed as its a throwback to her initial costume found in the original Tekken.

I do find it interesting that Kunimitsu still lives on through Yoshimitsu's movelists. If you think about it, most of Yoshimitsu's moves in Tekken 5 (I would mention 4, but I never got into it as I hated it!!) were derived from Kuni's Tag Moveset. Kuni's D+3+4 is Yoshimitsu's U+3+4. Her T+3+4 is now Yoshi's 3~4, and her T+1+2 is Yoshi's B+1+2. Coincidence??

So much for being dead.... her soul still lives on. Now I sound like Soul Calibur. And speaking of which, she would make an awesome add on to Calibur, but then we have Taki and her Kunai's....


kunimitsuuu i miss yoooooooou

Kunimitsu has a crazy looking mask and she is a scum for trying to steel Yoshi`s sword!:p

YoshimitsuT3 : Kunimitsu has a crazy looking mask and she is a scum for trying to steel Yoshi`s sword!:p

I love you!!! lol Finally someone who agrees with me.. :P hehe

Kunimitsu still easily remains my all-time favourite Tekken character, and is the reason why I'll always have tag on my rotation of games I play far more often than anticipated.

I loved her design, she was a beautiful idea, with one of the most graceful fighting styles, and her lack of use in Tekken games is extremely disappointing.

If we can have the one hundred percent identical characters Eddy and Christie, or even the slot shared Panda/ Kuma (I love you Panda!!), then we can certainly have a character with a VARIANT of the Manji style. I never saw Kuni to be too much like Yoshi, especially with how different she was in Tag. She was no less diverse than Anna was from Nina.

Honestly, the ONLY gripe that I have with Tekken 6 happens to be Kuni's absence. When I play it, it just feels like something's lacking. That's certainly her.