What about Kunimitsu?

I really want her back in Tekken 6
She's awesome character^^

I love you Amemitsu >w<
I agree with you i love them as couple....im a bit weird but i like Hate/Love romance and i agree with you Amemitsu 8D

NOOOOOOO!!!!! I would be devastated if Yoshi and Kuni were a couple (no, not because I think he should get with me instead, sure I'd like that but I'd be very bad for him, oh so very, very bad! I'd ruin him for the rest of you and I don't want to do that!) He can do WAAAAAAY better than her. But he wont ever have a girlfriend because frankly, no one could ever be good enough for Yoshi. :blush

Do you ever wish I would just keep my opinions to myself??

No dont do that...its good when you said your opinion...doesn't bother ><..express yourself :D

Actually like i said before i love them...and i know that they are enemys or different goals but there is something hide on them...maybe there was a relationship or not...who knows???

But.. :(
I hope to see her again...i really lost my hopes to see her again in tekken 6 BR...(stupid Alisa ><)...oh well, u_u

Are you kidding? It's totally Yoshi and Michelle, right? Yoshi admires Ganryu so much that he steals his love!

just kidding. namu....



Dose she even have a chance to come back. Namco is ignoring her too much. At least tell us that she is dead :((

okay. she´s dead hehehe

I´m bored :O_o

Nooooooo >< ..... she is not DEAD.... (or who knows??) >< someday...SOMEDAY...Namco would bring her and that day i will... i will *insert something stupid quote her plz*

for example...i will draw hentai in front of my clasroom (actually i did it...yes...i draw Hentai i like it...and that doesn't mean that im a pervert boy..im a pervert girl xD)

You did WHAAAAAAT?? He he You are a naughty little thing :D So um... was it Yoshi hentai? Oh please say it was Yoshi hentai and that I can see it!!! Ha ha ha. Okay, lowering the tone now.

Kuni dead??? How can they get away with bringing back other so called 'dead characters' and then leave others dead for good? That's double standards right? I don't really care about Kuni but I don't wish her dead so I'd like to think she has the same rights to immortality as the rest of the Tekken crew!

Lets pretend she's settled down with some nice Japanese guy (not Yoshimitsu :(( ) and has retired from fighting to raise her many little 'Manji-lets'. I mean, if she fights and something happened to her, who'd rise the kids? So maybe once her nest is empty she'll be back?

Unless anyone can come up with a better story?

It seems crazy girls are attracted by Yoshimitsu, cause there are lots of them here already. And I´m sure the number will grow ^^

You mean u were drawing hentai ->before class, on the board ?? While everyone was in the room ??
Which subject was that? Biologie hehehe ?

Nice idea xD Maybe Kuni's kid now want to have revenge on Yoshi xP
Random idea xD

Gattsu : It seems crazy girls are attracted by Yoshimitsu, cause there are lots of them here already. And I´m sure the number will grow ^^

Ahem? Who you calling crazy? I'll have you know that we Yoshi-lovers are highly intelligent, smart, sophisticated and might I say beautiful ladies! -isn't that right, girls?

Only the finest girls for our Yoshi!

Oh good idea Sakujo! I hope Namco are paying attention! We should be employed by them really. Tekken storylines would be EPIC!

xDD WHAT???? a Crazy girl???...YES...i admit xD

(well for Jembru)-yes it was a Yoshi Hentai (inspired in his blue body he looks so sexy in this outfit really xD)and some another hentai -a little yaoi also-, MAYBE i will show but its kinda ... >/////< - just for you ehhh

(for gattsu) xD it was in Art class where naked pple are our inspiration xDDD
and its was starting the class so i use my free time to draw these things that i like it >w<

-Hey...well kids from her?? >< mmmm i dunno i prefer to see her (but its a good story)and and.... ( >8D ) *okok iwill said something in spanish if you know spanish dont translate or better dont read it xD* -Si aparece Kunimitsu ella sera mi bomba sexy de inspiracion junto con Yoshi = mi pareja sexy y misteriosa tengan seguro ke los atormentare xD pero de un buen sentido xD....sooooooo KinKY >8D heheh

Kuni actually looked really cool. I've never actually played the tekken games (Shock, horror!) But I wouldn't want to see her with Yoshi. Sound female character, has an awesome design unlike some of the rubbish in SC but I just couldn't see her with Yoshi. Too much like rivals, siblings even XD


I made this pict...for her...i mean if she is dead...well :/ i dunno i dont thnik soo wel... -c-