T5 DR on-line for PS3

This is the last notice...for me this is great...i hope that on-line mode will be good, without lag...all player can be fight...will be another world for TEKKEN...

Here link:


ok pros for this are.

    1.you can play people around the wrold.
    2.better practiceing arengments
    3.you can see how everyone in the world ranks.
    4.it's free to play everyone around the world.

cons for this are

    1.don't know if it will lag
    2.will people pay the extra price?

ok so overall it will be wroth it.

just trying to highlight things out for people. :)

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From what I heard, we will pay only for the addon.

A for me... that's simply GREAT!!! Imagine playing with people from all over the world, organizing virtual tournaments... no need to travel far away from our house.

The PC online gaming is eons ahead... the money invested into gaming clans is ridiculously huge. Compare to the console gaming. Only in Korea it means something, I think.

I want something like this to be our future. The Tekken clans, the rivalvry, sponsorship of huge companies... it would be too good :)

All chars will be available fastlegs.

Do you have a PS3 Tenshi??




ok thanks for that info biggy:)

is it me or do the graphics look a tiny bit better then the original T5 DR on PS3 or I'm I dreaming:con

I think that the TV is Sony HD full:D

All chars will be available fastlegs.
Do you have a PS3 Tenshi??

I don't have yet, but I will have in the nearest future. :)

Ah, so you've heard the news!

I'm a bit hesitant about yelling out how amazed i am on this. I'm afraid it's gonna be more of a ping-Tekken rather than anything else...

"Tekken - now with 300 or more pings... You better be prepared to anticipate what moves lies 5 seconds ahead, cause our ping wont allow a flowing gameplay!"

Anyways - just tried DR out five days ago (Haven't got a PS3 of my own - sadly!), and it ROCKS - i pwned everyone with my Yoshi! :D

Forthermore, my friend sold me a Namco Joystick, so i'm having my go on this at the moment.
- This is it:

Pretty hard to master, but i'm getting the hang of it... At least i'd like to believe so *laughs*


PS. Sadly, i cannot double-post, so i'll just have to abuse this post...

... Here's some screenies of the new online feature in T5DR:

Click an image to enlarge!



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Yeah, the screens are fine :) Can't wait to try the online feature!

Yea, me too! Unfortunetly i don't have a PS3 myself, so i won't be able to play DR online, when it's released! :blush
I'm just afraid that it's gonna get lacky :con Especially since the largest connection available in Denmark is about 10mbit's - some might say that alot. But it's expensive, and, too, for the same amount of money you pay for just a 2mbit, you can get a 100mbit in sweden (thats insane IMO!!!)

Well - about that worry of mine... Did you guys ever try Tekken 3 online? :O_o


Not speed is important, but stability. You can see it downloading files: if transfer jumps from low rates to high ones, then it's not good. :)

I know that to play on-line without lag(but for me a bit lag there will be) you need 512kb in upload...In Italy, basic internet line with 4mb in download give you 256kb in up, it is few to play with DR on-line without lag...
now i have 256kb, i dowloaded mortal kombat on-line and in some moment it is lag:|
so you image DR:dontgetit:dontgetit, i must ask at my internet company more upload(512kb)
I hope that Namco will make a good on-line for all the world and not only for Japan...


It's also all about the "host". If the battle will be transfered through server, it will be laggy. The server should send data to players, and then leave the battle between them (so that players connect directly. One of the players is the host).

Also, I HOPE there will be 50/60 Hz switch in European Tekken DRs... USA and Japan have faster tekken DR :( It's unfair. And how it will be in terms of synchro? HMM.

The era of TVs not supporting NTSC is gone, they should really make faster games in Europe...

Tenshimitsu : Not speed is important, but stability. You can see it downloading files: if transfer jumps from low rates to high ones, then it's not good. :)

Guess i got smarter there! Thx! :)

Mmh... You mean like some kind of Peer-2-Peer thing, Tenshi?