make custom skins on your mobile phones

hey YOT users

ok mainly I found out about this great website, that lets you make your own mobile phone theames and it's free and once you have made a theame other people can download it onto their mobile phones.

the only down fall is that it is only for Nokia and sony Ericsson's :(

but still worth the check out.

I'm on thier as well so if you want to see what I have done feel free.

website is


Edit: looks like the link I put in was the wrong one, link is now fixed.

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I have SE k310i and I use SE Themes Creator to make themes for my phone. Many different SE models can be chosen when using this program.

Hey Guys

I just Made a Thame for you lot espilcily.

That's the link for it, if your phone is not in that list let me know and tell me your phone modal and I see what I can do.