The NEW site...[]

And I've just noticed.. I wanted to see what else was said about stuff. Agh.. Nice new chatty box. :)

From now on, guests can enter chat but cannot write messages.

Hey, just wanna write this somewhere for other members to see. It's about the chat box. Can people TRY to remember to sign out before they leave? I was on another forum for a while and the chat there had the same problem (the admin got really pi**y about it and would disable people's accounts temporarily, just to remove the ghost, though here, a real person signing in seems to do that job!). If you just close the window without signing out, you'll remain there as a ghost. I wondered why people were always signed out as I entered chat and then I forgot to sign out last night and my ghost was still there this morning!!

It's not a huge crime and I'm sure we'll keep forgetting. It will just make chatting more satisfying rather than always signing in to find that you're actually the only one there. Besides, I'm a little scared of ghosts!!! :O

I'll do my best to solve this problem. It will be a bit difficult because different browsers react differently to "close the window" directive... but there are some things that can be done at least in some browsers.

By now, hit "Log Out" - it will close the window as well.

What can be done about viewing off page chat history? I really would love access to stuff I missed. :)

That would be nice, too. It seems like there's always conversations that happen when I'm gone.

(I'll remember to hit the log out button next time.)

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I can do this, but it depends on how many lines from the past you'd like to see.

I dunno, just member access to complete history.