The NEW site...[]

Wow! Awesome stuff. Me like, me like a lot.


3 thumbs up! :D

Will there be more skins??

it would be good if we could have more skins for the elite YOT members, so they can costimize how they view the site.:)

but anyway, the new site rocks the Yoshimitsu world.:yes

As I came through this new skin, of course you can expect more :)

Bigchief, how do you like Manji Dojo? :D All members can post there their tutorials, with the following conditions:

1. In all folders without "Wiki" appendix members can post articles: The articles can be edited only by the creator.
2. In the category Wiki: Character Strategies you can post both Versus Strategies and Strategies of other characters than Yoshimitsu. I think I will make two separate subcategories there.
2. In all "Wiki" folders all members can post tutorials that can be edited by other members. Of course the pages have a history so if somebody spoils your work, he will be banned, and your article retrieved.
3. In the main Manji Dojo folder there's "Strategy blog". All members can post their articles there. The Articles can be edited only by article creators.

Now, Members and Tekken Fans will have to wait until validation. All levels above those will have their entries automatically validated.

Yes, I like the new look very much. I knew to expect something like this (thanks for the sneak previews, Tenshi! :)) but this really blew my mind. Of course, it takes some time to get used to the new look and the new operations, but the site, like Yoshimitsu himself, keeps evolving and bettering itself.

By the way, where did you get those cute Chibi Yoshis? Or did you make them by yourself? They're cool.

Thanks a lot :)

No, I'm not good enough to make such chibi Yoshi's: I have taken them from one Japanese site, which link I put in our links section as thank-you gift... I think I will make a picture banner and put it in our Affiliates for better view.

Here are direct links:


Do you like the font in pages and comments? Sometimes I find myself hard to concentrate on it... maybe I should change it to the old one, but maybe bigger?

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Ah yes, now I can see all the things (I also thank you for the lil pre-premier). All is just so modern and organised, it's just perfect. So far no bugs and I hope there won't be any. Keep up the great work!

Heya, all!

I feel kind of ashamed admitting that i've first found out about the new yTS-site two weeks ago. None of my links were working, and so i thought the site was permanently down. But i was, to my surprise wrong - it was back, and has been for quite some time. Well... Happy to find out i was wrong!

I really like the new site, and the design is just awesome! It's easy to navigate around, and the new design to the forum is just what we've been needing. The old design wasn't that good, and too long user names would extend the width of the posts, making it harder to read through posts and such.
- Although it annoys me you aren't able to double-post (that could be useful - at least since editing old posts don't make them re-appear!). I'd perfeer the double post function. But dispite that, i really find it to my liking! :D

- I just love the new design! yaaaaaay!


@Unknown: if we had double posting, YOT would always be getting spam mail in the froums.

I think that's why Tenshi does not let no one double post twice in a row and if you ask me it is sensible.

I like too this new site:) the best site for the best char:wink


@Fast Legs

Yea - true that, but still! :blush - besides, thats what our admins are here for... THAT, and warning annoying people like meh! :D

Just want to inform that the signature's default colour is close to blending in with the default background.

Maybe changing the default colour to a darker shade would help. Then again it could just be my computer :D .

EDIT: This website has continuously improved and such dedication to the maintenance of this website can be seen in all aspects. This latest improvement was quite overwhelming for me, since it I haven't been contributing as much (but was observing mind you ^_^).

I hope that you (you meaning Tenshi, Koga, Dinaga and I can't think of other moderators/adminstrators >_<) do feel it was a job done well and wish you (Youse?) will continue to become inspired and improve your PHP internet thingymajigi skills.

Wow my edit was longer than my intentional message...

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@ perodious: you are not seing things on your computer all of our signtures do blend in.

please make sure if you change or update signtures and you really want them to be seen, that you change the font colour, but if you want to be mystirous like Yoshi, then keep it to the defult colour.:)

It's high time to start talking about the new YOT skin! :D What do we want ppl???

I've seen the first YOT site ever.. Which I fondly like to call 'baby yot' awww :)

I liked its theme, can't quite point out what.. Maybe it's all those giffs and bright moving things everywhere? :p I also liked the green digital yoshi banner and clock. It reminds me of space and arcades. Does everyone else like that sorta thing?? Or do we want more light themes?? I like both, but I also love surprises! Tell us what ya like! :p

New theme in my vision will be darker and will be a mix of modernity and tradition: just like I imagine the spirit of Yoshimitsu. It will be mono-dark in various blends of grey, with colourful accents of captions and font here and there (different leading colour in each section). Also, I plan to make some artwork specially for the theme. I hope they will be of good quality. :)

The new theme will be something you might not expect. :)