HELP! Soul Calibur fans

sorry guys I just need to know something about SC3 tournaments and some rules you have in your country.

as some of you might be aware I have been asked to help with some computer games tournaments here in the UK this may

Check out this thread for more info:

We where also wondering is it possible to have 3 vs 3 tournaments for SC and what the rules to that would be.

I really need your help guys so please help poor little me out:)

Haven't been on this forum for a looong time...

I know that this tournament already took place (mantis2k won it), but can you tell me what had you wanted to know about rules? Life, time, rounds, or VC? There is no VC in the AE and there is no AE in Poland.
Main rules:
groups --> DE
first to 3 rounds (always)
first to 2 or 3 fights (in groups)
first to 3 fights (in DE)
first to 5 fights (winner's, looser's and grand final)
butt binding: allowed

About 3 vs 3 tourney:
first to 3 or 5 rounds
players from the same team have to use different characters
the player who loses one fight is out and the next from his team comes out
when all the players from one team lose, the team loses [but they can also lose one point and after losing 2 or 3 the game is over]

Too bad that info did not come sooner.
But that is the info I wanted. Well at least now we have tournament rules for future reffrance.

can Kogamitsu or Tenshi lock this thread pls. :)

If you have other questions about Soul Calibur, you can catch me on MSN (, though I don't log in too often ;)