London Mcm Expo Tournament- May 2007 (UPDATED)

London MCM Expo Tournament 26-27th May 2007

All right here it is finally, the first ever video games tournament at the London MCM Expo all sorted and ready to go, woot. There will be Super Smash Bros Melee, Naruto Gekitou Taisen 4, Soul Calibur 3, Tekken 5 or DR and Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. But first thing is first the actual details of everything:


Well the tournament will be held at the Excel Centre in East London during the London MCM Expo event. The best way to get to the expo is explained on the London Expo site, which is here: Also details of entering the Expo are also here:

Well in terms of where it will be in the Expo, it will be in the Anime Village section, Before the manga alley tables.

Contact Details:

For those with any inquiries just send me an email but better is actually adding me on msn. Here are my details, I will respond to you promptly:

MSN & Email: (organiser of all tournaments) My Email: (Tekken tournament organiser)

ok now every single game will be played over two days now

Groups on the first day

Doulble Elmination on the seconed day

there will be some fun compertitons after all the tournaments have been done.

It is best that you actually come 15 minutes before your actual your tournament time, But arriving on time will be okay, It would just be easier for registering you. Also tournaments may start earlier so that more people can be added, So just try and get there early at times.

Times: the event starts at 9am (BST) on the Saturday 26/5/07 and 10am(BST) on the sunday.

you will be able to play friendly matches upto 11:30am (BST) each day. (so make your grudge matchs during this time):)

money match aren't really allowed but if you guys want to be sneaky just don't let people catch you or you will get me into trouble:((

the order of tournament play for each day is:

First half: tekken, naruto, street fighter


seconed half: SC3, SSBM and 3S

General Tournament Information:

We will be running the following events (which will all be double elimination tournaments):

Super Smash Bros Melee

Played on the Nintendo Gamecube
4 Stock
Time Limit: 8 Minutes
2/3 Games
Loser picks next stage or switches character.
Following stages are on random : Pokemon Stadium, Final Destination and Dreamland 64

Banned stages are:

Icicle Mountain
Princess Peach's Castle
Great Bay
Flat Zone
Hyrule Temple
Yoshi's Island
Green Greens
Mushroom Kingdom
Brinstar Depths
Big Blue
Mushroom Kingdom 2
Yoshi's Island N64

Naruto Gekitou Taisen 4

Played On the Nintendo Gamecube
Round Time: 90 Second
3 out of 5 rounds
2/3 matches
3/5 matches for Semi-Finals, Finals
Akamaru and Karasu banned
Random Stages
Invincibility Glitch banned
Damage Setting: 2

Soul Calibur 3

Round Time: 60 seconds
100% lifebar
Best 3/5 in a match
Neutral guard off
Stage select off
All regular and bonus selection characters allowed
Custom characters not allowed
Button mapping is banned
VC post-GI is banned
VC NC escape is banned
Stance/move VC is banned
Setsuka's glitch throw is banned
Ivy's WP/sword stance allowed
Zasalamel command throw VC glitch is banned
Cassandra BT throw VC glitch is banned
Astaroth BT throw VC glitch is banned
Yoshimitsu BT throw VC glitch is banned
Sophitia B-throw VC glitch is banned
Talim chain throw VC glitch is banned
Slidestep allowed

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

Played on the Playstation 2
Versus Mode
2/3 Games
2/3 Rounds
Round Time: 99 Seconds
Winning player must keep the same super art.
Gill is not allowed in tournament play.
The in-game judgment feature will be used to determine the outcome of draw games.


Played on the Playstation 2 or 3
Versus Mode
3/5 Rounds
2/3 Games (MORE DURING Double Elmiantion stages)
Guard Damage: Off
Round Time: 60 Seconds
button config allowed (must be done before the match starts, anyone doing it in a middle of a match will forfit that game, YOU HAVE BEEN WRANED)
Random stage select
steve infinty is banded
Jinpachi is not allowed in tournament play.

Cost and Prizes:

For each tournament there will be a ?5 charge. If you pay and miss your match or tournament for over 10 minutes, there will be no refund.

We are going to have team tournaments after (if we have the time on the last day) for Tekken and SC3.

There will be a charge of ?2.50 for this and it will be single elmination.

Here are the prizes for each tournament:

1st Place - TBD
2nd Place - TBD
3rd Place - TBD
4th Place - TBD

If possible, Could people leave suggestions for prizes, Thank you


General common sense. Be civil with each other, don?t antagonise. Your welcome to pop out, we understand that you want to go out there and cosplay get your pictures taken, Im probably gonna be sneaking out to be taking those pictures as well xD. So if you do want to pop out quickly, Please tell us at the beginning of the tournament so we can allow you time to do so.

Coming to the UK (International heads)

if you are planing to come to the event from aborad there are loads of cheap airlines for most countries.

and if I have to I will meet you at the airport and try and sort out accomondation for you.:)

Fastlegs notes for players
ok just to let you guys know I know the venue like the back of my hand.

I will be doing the tekken and street Fighter tournaments, so no mucking around with me.:D

if anyone is intrested or have Questions you can PM me or E-Mail me if you want and I'll try to my best abillties to help you out.

edit: 4/5/07: there will now be a VF5 tournament.


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I feel I got lucky... on 19 of this month I will be in UK first London and then Blackpool.There is an opportunity to play in uk so I should be there.Fastlegs we know eachather we have met in Poznań on last tournament [ that guy with took a picture of You,Koga and Tenshi] what does TBD means?

to be decied

nice to see there is some international intrest at last.

I should have some news this week about which game it should really be.

if you want any more info.

then PM me and I think you could crash at my place. if you need to.
Update please read
things are going to be finlized this week and then that's it so everything on this thread will be made final this week or the week after.

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