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Thanks to YME I recorded two Yoshi dances that can be performed in Tekken 5. Some people say that Flash can't be done BT without buffering: these examples will show you that actually it can be done anywhere in BT.
The quality is not good, it was recorded just to show you the idea. :)

There are two movies called "Yoshimitsu Tenshi special movement"

Go here (Downloads section)

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can't connect to server, can u post the notation?

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The movies were pretty interesting. What I really liked was BT d/b+1+2,3_4 actually hitting the opponent, which I thought was not possible.
Just to add to Yoshi's BT moves, d/b+2,2,2... can be used to hit an advancing opponent while fleeing from them, quite handy.

To download, just click the movies. They'll be soon available in downloads section. Some of you may not realize the difficulty of some parts, the timing is tricky sometimes. I delayed the BT flash on purpose to show you that they're not buffered. :)

Blue Yoshi movie (after solar kick all things are BT):
f,f+1+2,n,u+1+4, D/B+2,2,2, BT 3, u+1+2,2~d, D/B+1+2,n, D/B+2,2,2, u+1+4, N ,u+1+4, BT 3, D/B+1+2~4.

Space ninja movie:
f,f+1+2,n,u+1+4, D/B+2,2,2, BT 3, D/B+1+2, D/B+2,2,2, u+1+4, N ,u+1+4, D/B+2,2,2, BT 3, ss~3+4~f~U/F+4(hopkick), 3+4~f+3, D/B+2,2,2, ss+3+4,b N (end) :)

Can you tell me how you can flash in BT stance, I can never get that working.
If you can help, that would be great ^_^.

EDIT: Ok I've got BT Flash working after a long time from this post but only right after WS2 and buffering it straight after. The new question is how do you do a unbuffered BT Flash.

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