So yeah, I've been tekken for quite some time and...

I've been playing tekken for a long time now, and My Favorite and best character is Yoshimitsu. I started at Tekken 2 after getting it as a gift from my older sister, who bought it for me thinking it was Virtua Fighter 2 since Nina looked A LOT like Sarah. Anyway, i'm glad she messed up, cuz I am addicted to this game... or at least i was until i hit college, now that Tekken 5: DR came out i bought a ps3 and love the graphics and speed of the game play, but im hating that there's not much to unlock. other than that... yeah love yoshimitsu...


You're soooo lucky! They haven't even released the PS3 here in New zealand. Darn! It to make matters worse, they're only going to release a dumbed-downed version of the PS3. Apparently, this version can't play the older PS2 games and as ridiculous as it sounds it can play PS1 games. Not to mention the price!

Anyaways, Welcome to YOT! Home for the Yoshi obsessed. lol. Hope you enjoy your stay.

Angry with Sony

welcome to the community Jroo.

@ clar380: think about it this way at least you can play T1-T3, while you are waiting for DR:)

Welcome:)If you love Yoshi, here, you are in his home...
Few still days and i will have ps3:D

Welcome on board.

Not all here are hardcore Yoshi fans, but it's not a required trait. :D Sit back and enjoy your stay.

Welcome, jroo! I may or may not be around, depending on my ninja duties, which I won't discuss further...