If Bryan and Yoshi are still among the living, or somehow get ressurected I'm imagining a great opening movie for them two.

Imagine: A crisp, cold morning. Fog settled close to the ground, creating a scene great for two dark figures walking to meet each other in something resembling a field. Perhaps a meadow or clearing in a forest. The two meet, the camera pans a full 360 degree, bits of long grass brushing the lense. A close up on their eyes, the sound of a blade and the flash of light signalling the beginning of a battle. I can't think of anything more, Im just so excited!!!

Since I make userbars, here are two bars for the new faces:

How ya like em?

nice one.

are you going to make more?

Of course, but first Namco must put more wallpapers with other characters. As some trivia, I used SC1 inferno's body as the BG in the Leo bar and a fragment of an turkish carpet for the Zafina bar BG :D When I was looking for a good one I felt like shopping :D

Has anyone else had this peculiar chain-reaction than me?

Each Tekken has been more fast-paced than the latter versions. Whereas I tend to always be medicore in the newest versions, I find myself a tad faster in the latter Tekkens. My friend has noted the same thing, too, and when we tried out Tekken 1, he joked, "Oh man, my character's on the ground. Let's go get some coffee while he gets up." But when we switched to Tekken 5, there were no more jokes. Well, except for the most obvious jokes, but nothing related to the speed of the game.

How much faster do you think Tekken can be? How much faster do you think Tekken 6 will be? And, to tell you the truth, how many characters more can the game take? I had hard time finishing Tekken 5 because I have no interest whatsoever in other characters than Yoshi and Bryan. Especially not in the Mishimas/Kazamas. To think I have over 38 'dull' rounds to finish in Tekken 6... bummer :p

good point koga I noticed this as well when I was watching the video I mean bryan shooting his gun was as it was a real life movie very fast.:)

but I do agree that tekken is overtaken by the Mishmias and the kazamas, I think Namco need to take pages out of WWE Smackdown Vs RAW 2007, based on the chracter you choose you can make dissions for your chracter on who you fight and how your story goes with you always having a different rivial ending at the end of the game.

for example let's say I picked Raven and my first oppront was Bryan, bryan would be my rivial for the rest of that story and that story changes each time you pick a chracter.

what do you think.

Hmm, maybe not that, but how about what we had in Guilty Gear X (or XX)? You know, depending on your performance you had different paths, all story related.

There has been a rumor saying that Tekken 6 will be more "interactive". It could mean that each character a few alternative story paths. I was hoping for a sort of "Devil Within" thing, running from one stage to another, with some dialogues in the beginning and in the end of each (or at least some) of the battles.

I just hope they don't make the Tekken 5 blunder anymore. I find it disturbing that Yoshimitsu speaks Japanese, Bryan supposingly understands and replies in English. I bet 9 against 1 that Bryan does not understand Japanese. He should've replied "Right, whatever..." or something to Yoshi. Or even better, make Yoshi speak English in some nice, Japanese accent. :)

By the way, after seeing some stage previews from the video clips around the net, I somehow get an idea that you can use the stage even more to create strategies. There seemed to be this stage, looking like a 2-story building, with stairs connecting the stories - could it be that you could go upstairs and downstairs during the fight? I hope they bring back the destroyable objects from Tekken 4. I liked smashing the phone booths in Shinjuku. :D

I think making Yoshi speak english would kill it for me. I've only known yoshi to speak Japanese, makes him more mysterious in a way. Making him speak english would end up sounding like he has trouble pronouncing the words, making him appear less serious, somewhat weaker and a little dumb. Just imagine yoshi trying to get his tongue around a word like supercalifegalispecespeallydocious (how ever the hell you spell that)
If you don't know, that's from mary poppins. LMAO. And abput bryan not knowing japanese? Maybe he takes Japanese language lessons. hehehe. :D

lol I can just not see Yoshi saying that world Clar.:D

anyway clar's suggetions of how Bryan was able to understand japanese is ok, but I have another theroy how about that genarator the Dr.B put in maybe it teachs Bryan how to decode what Yoshi is saying.

Hey, Yoshi has so spoken English...in SCII/III....which is why I keep those games on the Japanese language setting....

Interesting idea, fastlegs, but this is Namco here. Don't hold your breath.

I'm interested in how they're going to balance Bryan's gun, though...maybe give Yoshi more sword moves? Shuriken?


I don't consider SC yoshi as the same person. yeah, they have the same moves and name, but they've got totally different personalities (Or as far as I could see).

I agree with tora, given bryan a ranged weapon in the first place was a terrible idea. Lunatic + shotgun = rampaging maniacle crazy man with gun!

For yoshi: You know that move? where he can hold his sword slash for a little while, perhaps they can add some moves into the. perhaps a hopping kick, similar to the move in his 10-hit samurai cutter combo. understand?

Maybe he can do a sword boomerang? Heh...that'd be fun.


Just jumping into the old conversation, we might end up with a different manji ninja this game, taking on the name of yoshimitsu due to the untimely death of his clan leader.

Sharp : Just jumping into the old conversation, we might end up with a different manji ninja this game, taking on the name of yoshimitsu due to the untimely death of his clan leader.

Hah! Yoshimitsu is invincible! No-one can kill Yoshimitsu!!!

I think the appearance of Bryan in T6 means only one thing; neither Yoshi's or Bryan's T5 ending is strictly canon. Any endings that aren't canon don't necessarily take place. That means that, while the fight between Yoshi and Bryan may well have taken place (forest or city, take your pick - even that isn't set in stone), neither outcome is not necessarily true. They may both walk away.

I, for one, am interested in who shot last in Bryan's ending...all we hear is a gunshot, and any idiot can pull a trigger.