Watched the trailer fully with sound, and now:
-Leo is more of a tomboy (those legs are a lil bit womenish for namco standards)
-Zafinas intro pose is really a rip of Vice! Grr. Personality wise she seems neutral, but her voice sucks (WTF is she saying?). That personality isn't any bit alike Vice's (oh that sweet "Happy Sadist"-"Break every bone with a smile and anger :D ")
-the music... it could be a good opening one, the style reminds me a lil of KOF 99 AST. How I wish that they would return to character themes instead of stage music. That would show the chars. personality and get style points (play mugen, get Krizalid and fight him while listening to his theme "Dear Falling Angel"- thats power!)
-the stages seem nice
-lets wait and see what will be with graphics (remember the first T5 trailer?)
-Bryan's voice clip during the shotgun shot is lame for now.
-Jack the transformer, ROTFL
I can't wait to see what will be with the Yo-man.

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I know it's been a while since I've been online, and I just kind-of popped into this topic. Although I really can't be bothered reading the entire thread (cause I'm really tired and sleepy) I'll just add my 2 cents.

A Death costume? Interseting... If so, then I guess that Bryan did kill Yoshi in T5. It makes sense if you really think about it.

Yoshi dies, and becomes Death incarnate. simple.
I can't wait to see what they've done with is outfit, what new moves they've given him. But there's still the problem with Sony actually releasing the PS3.

The Inpatient

Edit: Haven't seen or heard trailer, don't tell me anything till I've seen it.

Kogamitsu : Bryan's combo ending made an impression... that shotgun really turns me on! :love

Hmm... I wonder if Yoshi could get a "draw sword / put sword back" action. I remember the old fighting game, "Star Wars: Masters of Teräskäsi" having an action like that on the fighters, I think it would make a good feature. for everyone to have a some sort of weapon with them. But then again, if there truly will be about 40 fighters in Tekken 6, well, 40 different weapons, each matching their users?

I really, really, really love that shotgun. Forgive me fellow Yoshimitsu fans, but now I really need to cry out loud, "GO BRYAN!!!" :yes

Koga If everyone in T6 had weapons it would just be Tekken in A soul Cliaber settings, which in my view is crap.

what needs to heappen is this:
Bryan is already a cheap Chracter that's why he needs a gun.
Namco Have to do something about Leo's Legs

Hi, here there is the interviw with Katsuhiro Harada and another little Tekken 6 video...Shot gun is a reality now!!!


Comments pls...

um tekkenBROTHER are you sure that link works? because I'm having loads of trouble loading it.:con

Hmmmm, from here this link is ok...Someone have some problem by link?

ok this what I want

ATTENTION all YOT members, could someone please chceck the link TekkenBrother provided, it could be for some reason it only works on prcific links.

but it's good to check this out for the benfit of the community.

The link works fine to me. Thanks for sharing this, TEKKENbrother.

Kogamitsu : The link works fine to me. Thanks for sharing this, TEKKENbrother.

Koga i think that you are happy with Brian shot gun:)

It works for me, but It's in another language. lol

Seems the link is still running :)...

btw is there an error while you are loading the site? or is it staying white and nothing is loading? just curious.

I don't really know

it's like, I will click on the link the windows media player comes up, but it just keeps saying connecting.

oh well looks like I'm left out again:(

I can't believe people think that just because Bryan's still alive that Yoshi's dead...Bryan's ending, even if true, was hardly conclusive as to who shot whom. Maybe someone stepped in and shot Bryan in the arm, allowing Yoshimitsu to escape to kill him another day? Or maybe Bryan shot wide of Yoshi, sparing his life as Yoshi had spared his? Namco has too much invested in Yoshimitsu ever to drop him as a character. They couldn't kill Heihachi, they couldn't kill Kazuya, they didn't kill Armor King they couldn't even kill Bryan, who was already dead...the only humans in this game series who have definitively died are Jun and the first King, both of whom got near-replica replacements.

Not that I want Yoshimitsu to be replaced, either...

Anyway, yeah the Rock Howard thing struck me as well, from the moment I saw Miss Leo, though I didn't see the Zafina as Vice thing till just now. Does that mean Jin is Kyo?


The rumor being that Tekken 6 has 40+ characters, it's safe to assume that

1) Yoshimitsu is definitely alive and kicking. Whose ass, that I'm not sure of.
2) There will be familiar faces from the past. (Kuni!? :yes)
3) There should be more connections between the characters. I say should, because I think that if there weren't, the game would seem quite fragmented.
4) I'm gonna add Zafina to my "most disliked characters" list.

I know full well that most of you aren't interested in my personal opinions, but I would very much like the Yoshi/Bryan storyline if the guys fought 'till their hearts were content, shook hands and went to a nearby pub for beers. :D Tekken could use more alliances between characters.

How would Yoshi drink a beer through his mask? More importantly, wouldn't that mess up his circuitry? ;)