Hi, there are new images and a new video of T6...
There are 2 new chars: leo and zafina...
For me T6 will be a good work...

http://www.tekken-official.jp/tk6ac/index.html image

http://www.watch.impress.co.jp/game/docs/20070216/tk6.htm video

In Italy people said that in T6 Yoshimitsu will be death...Death? but is it true? i can't belive....

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TekkenBROTHER is it possible to get the page translated into English for us?

not everyone on the froum can speak or even read japernise:)

but do not fear fastlegs is here, for those who have fast servers this might be a better link:


this the translated page of where tekkenBROTHER got the images.

For some people who may be having trouble with the vid from Tekken offical website.

and say it's not ture where would we be without our master Yoshimitsu, we would have to all start learning Raven and Bryan

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Well, I don't think so :D If it's true then I have one thing less to buy :)

More possible is that Yoshi will be Death himself :P

you know what I have to start siding with Tenshi people from the first tekken are still in the game last time I checked so I think yoshimitsu will NOT be killed.

and if god forbid it that yoshi did die I'M sure like kazaua he would come back in a big way.:)

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More persons said that if in T6 there is Bryan there isn't Yoshi...i don't think this...In Tekken chars dead and reborn...

I have heard that Tekken creators promised: "Yoshimitsu will be in all games, and in each game he will have a different costume"

Until this day they kept their promise... I don't think they suddenly will do the other way.

Let's just hope they don't ditch Bryan. Otherwise I need to start practicing my Yoshi again. :p I'm a little rusty, one might say.

Hey, anyone seen The Crow? A very good movie, with Bruce Lee's son Brandon (RIP, both) in it. Even if Namco decides to let Bryan draw the longer straw, so to speak, I wouldn't be surprised if Yoshi actually came back for a revenge. (Old pic, bear me :D)

Koga, don't worry Bryan and yoshimitsu play a important part in the tekken story line at the moment, so I don't think that they will be getting rid of those two for a bit longer.

anyway I just hope that the rumors I'm hearing in london are not ture that raven is not in tekken 6:cry

can someone just tell me the truth I only trust you lot

Tenshimitsu : I have heard that Tekken creators promised: "Yoshimitsu will be in all games, and in each game he will have a different costume"

Until this day they kept their promise... I don't think they suddenly will do the other way.

Tenshi, i hope...

mmm...Raven go out? i don't know this rumor...

So, Leo remember me Tidus in final fantasy x while Zafina remember Voldo in sc, she has an unusual fight style...i like her...
Sure namco has someothers chars in Tekken 6...what do you think?

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Away for ONE measly weekend and looky what we have here! :D

Haha, no way they're getting rid of my main man, Yoshi, don't worry guys!

In case you haven't heard, it's been confirmed that this game will have AT LEAST 40 characters... and Leo is a female character (wtf?). I can't be sure of the reliability of this info though.

And how HOT is Zafina!! Jeez she moves like a cobra or something, sexy. ;)

One last note: I think it might be a good idea to re-start our Kunimitsu petition. Who's with me?! :D

Dying of excitement,

mmm...40 chars:D is great(where is this information?)...so i think that Leo is male...maybe:dontgetit...

About Zafina...i think she is Azteca or maya culture...maybe egypt...so i repet, i like her...

For Kuni i agree with Bigchief:)

WTF! Rock Howard is in Tekken?! Oh, wait, it's just some German who-knows-what-gender human (propobly female). I just hope there will be no gimmick like the one with King in Art Of Fighting 1 (you know... if you finished her with a projectile her suit was ripped to show her bra and that she was a woman). Okay, what's next. We got the Geese Howard stunt done (Kazuya coming back from a fall), some ancient power transorming people to bosses, what now? If so, then Leo will be the son/doughter of Kaz (the Geese Howard-Rock Howard likeness) XD. And somene said that Zafinas style reminded him of Vice... then where is Mature? And a shotgun move....great. Hope it will come out good. Place your bets! What game will be ripped of next?

I doubt Namco will kill off Yoshimitsu since he's been in every Tekken game, and they should know I'd do something really really bad to them if they did.

Well, overall I'm actually kinda disappointed in this. Leo looks very gay (I'm pretty sure he's not a woman), he kinda reminds me of Elliot from DOA, Zafina looks kinda like a hooker, the outfits and graphics haven't changed much at all, and Bryan is alive and isn't missing any limbs. It looks more like Tekken DR 2. The stages look cool, though. And there's still more to come, so hopefully it'll impress me more next time. I still expect nothing less than awesome from Tekken.

Leo reminds me of someone from Time Crises but I can't remember the guys name who looks like Leo.:con

but leo acts like me tho, because even I dress up a bit like a tomboy:D lol.

Bryan's combo ending made an impression... that shotgun really turns me on! :love

Hmm... I wonder if Yoshi could get a "draw sword / put sword back" action. I remember the old fighting game, "Star Wars: Masters of Teräskäsi" having an action like that on the fighters, I think it would make a good feature. for everyone to have a some sort of weapon with them. But then again, if there truly will be about 40 fighters in Tekken 6, well, 40 different weapons, each matching their users?

I really, really, really love that shotgun. Forgive me fellow Yoshimitsu fans, but now I really need to cry out loud, "GO BRYAN!!!" :yes