fastlegs gets cheated out at the french tournament + results

1st- Genius (pual,FR)
2nd- Sokar ( Ganryu, FR)
3rd- Kyoko manjii ( yoshimitsu, NL)
4th- Bob (Law, SW)


ok so those are the results and yes at the title said's I got cheated out of the tournament and I'm still punching manz in the arms over it.

all I'm going to say is that some french players are very sore lossers that they have to result to cheating.

I kicked ass with my raven, but my yoshi got loads of R.I.Ps(sorry everyone that is a yoshi fan):(

oh and Kyoko- manjii the guy who came third in the tornament, has chllenged our own formus boss, Tenshimitsu to a match. which should be good when it happens.

Vids wise the qulity is not going to be that good, but I got my matches Yoshi stage matches, and one match from the french phenom Genius during the brackets ( batt in my camarea went flat as well as the one in my phone) nooooooooo.

the vids will go up when the download section is fixed.

till then is FLS who is going to punch everyone in my class if they start laughting signing off