Is the Tekken:DR Yoshi FAQ out yet?

I read in the T5 FAQ that there is a DR one. i only have DR lol. I spent a lot of time trying to do that indian sit when kamikaze hits just to find out is not on DR :(

So is there a Tekken Dark Ressurection FAQ?

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o god, don't we all wanna read the faq of our beloved fighter...

I'm pretty sure Tenshi updated the T5DR changes on the FAQ, it's very well done and I learned a lot from it. Even if the DR changes aren't on there, they are very few and easy to find.

Threads like that should be closed XD

"Is the Tekken:DR Yoshi FAQ out yet?"....well, YES!!
- case closed -


yea,but not for people that don't have the yoshimitsu fan title

It won't take long for you, just stay active.....

thnx for the motivation ;;