What are top tiers?

You got a point there, Legs :love

- Without the imbalance we wouldn't have anything to complain about! :p

I'm not worried; I'm not about to play as Jinpachi any time soon, anyway.

And Yoshi would still pwn....


Neither am i, but i still dislike certain aspects of Tekken. Or, at least Namco's way of evolving the game. They seem too focused on the wrong areas, if you ask me. And that just ain't something that falls into my taste.

For example - i can deal with Tekken being imbalanced. But doing something as foolish as adding in characters which most people can see don't fit is just plain idiotic. Well - Perhaps he's fun to play. I can't tell - but something tells me history repeats itself. We're about to witness another grand flaw in the universe of Tekken! :((

But anyways! Yoshi' Pwn - He came, he saw and he pwned - Nuff said!


ok, in the thread, all the mentioned Top tiers r bosses... besides them, i heard, Kazuya, Anna, Nina, ... etc r also top tiers....... well, umm, not sure thou..

In Tekken DR this was pretty much Steve, Devil Jin.

In Tekken 6 BR, it will be again Steve, and then: Law.

Pfff... take Steve left hook or at least make it linear, and Steve will be decent.
That's the whole balance issue with Steve... it's very obvious. As for Law, it's less obvious, he has many, many good things.

Unfortunately, Yoshi's defense suffers in newest Tekken. We will be forced to risk more.

what a creep... makin ppl top tiers who cant even land a kick... :P .
thou i feel really sorry for Yoshi nd well ourselves.... :(

Devil Jin in DR? Really? That´s odd. I always thought he could even be a lil faster XD
Besides the commandos for most of his moves make it hard sometimes to find the right timing. <- -> before you can punch or this typical one ->* v ->
well, I can do the second one quiet fast now, but only because the game allows that pause to be basically non existent ^^"

And I´ve always gotten annoyed when with whomsoever I played and I threw a punch it was slower than someone else´s spinning kick!? -.-" Tekken physics...

Hehe, DJin is so strong that I can win using merely some of his standard moves. Sure that Mishimas require manual and skill, but once mastered, they are really good.

It will change in T6 BR, hahahahaha.... :D

Will Yoshi ever become a high tier:) I have a felling that in Tekken 7 he will:D
just like what they did to Bruce Irvine:) from very low to very high:((

hehe.. Yoshi's gettin weaker day by day... like he lost the unblockables in T6.. :'(

Manji Z-Ryshan : hehe.. Yoshi's gettin weaker day by day... like he lost the unblockables in T6.. :'(

Weaker and probably even more complicated to play. :(( You know, I could never understand why everyone else seemed so much better at Tekken than I am. I mean, I know I never played many video games before and Tekken was the first fighting game I had ever played but still, I am not a stupid person so you'd expect I could learn to play at least averagly. Yet no matter how much I tried I continued to suck. I had mostly given up but recently I had some friends over for a few rounds of Tekken washed down with beer. After losing several times (why can we say several but not eleveral?? I think I'll start using that word in the hopes that it will catch on... hey, it can be the new 'dozen' because no one uses dozen anymore so there's surely a great big hole in the English language that needs filling with the word eleveral!!! anyway, back to topic...) after losing eleveral times, I decided to pick a new character and just hit buttons in the hope that something cool would happen... and something cool DID happen, I won! Quite often too!! Sadly though, this means that my losing streak wasn't just down to my own crapness (though it helped :p) but was also because of Yoshi himself...

I will stay loyal to Yoshi but you have to admit there is something unfair about a character that requires so much more thought to play than say, Lili or Eddie and yet is still weaker than the others even when you DO master him?

Surely the fair thing would have been to make those characters which could be played by a drunken monkey, a little weaker than most and those characters which require a university degree to be able to play should be stronger? But what do I know about video games anyway??

Yoshi might b not top tier but reliable..
like in the Pokemon.. Ash's pokemons r sooooo weak.. yet he wins all the time... lol

How can u even compare pokemon strengths? From a game?
And doesn´t he have this unbeatable rare thing called mute or something?
Or mute two...I dunno XD