What are top tiers?

I keep seeing it and on how yoshi is not one. what is it. who are they.

Top tier is a character (game character) that is stronger than other characters in the game due to lack of balance in the game. He has usually high-priority jugglestarters and powerful juggles, safe mix-ups, and overally can be played very safely.

Hmm.. I thought all the characters are balanced.

Unfortunately that is not the case. It's impossible to create a game with completely balanced characters, because they all have their differences. And because the creators of the game feel some character is more important to the game than the other, this easily could lead into creating a top-tier. Psychology 1-0-1 :)

Of course, Yoshimitsu is *always* top-tier in style and coolness, but yeah. Namco has been mean to Yoshi lately, though his new stuff in DR is a partial apology.


@ tora: how can you be prasing namco for what they have done to yoshi? I mean look what they have done to Bryan made him so cheap of a character (sorry koga, don't throw me to the floor:p)

Basically Jin in Tekken 4?

Yep, he was in a class of his own in that game.

Tekken 4 Jin is NOTHING compared to mr. Broken a.k.a. T3 Ogre.

Tekken 3 Ogre:
- 100% death combo's from unbreakable throws,
- Mid-string leading into guaranteed unbreakable throw, again leading into 100% death combo
- huge arsenal of unblockables,
- 50% damage from mid PLUS ground hitting SAFE move
and so forth!

But, well - apart from that...
Making a 100% balanced game with so many diffrences - the characters inbetween - is as good as impossible. But it doesn't justify the enormous imbalance raging throughout the scene of Tekken nowadays. It's all about putting an effort into what you're dealing with, really. Something Namco does not really seem to have a single clue in how to do.
- It's impossible to, completely balance out such a varied game as Tekken - but Tekken is not even CLOSE to this balance. In my opinion, it's all about a slobby staff.

Furthermore, i'm 90% i've heard they're gonna add Jinpachi to the rooster in T5: DR for PS3. Exactly whats that all about, i don't know - but i'm ALOT doubtful we'll ever get the chance to play any balanced Tekken game - EVER.
- Namco is just too careless...



if they put jinpachi on the rooster everyone would start using him and the game would be ruined forever:((

fastlegs : @ tora: how can you be praising namco for what they have done to yoshi? I mean look what they have done to Bryan made him so cheap of a character (sorry koga, don't throw me to the floor:p)

I'm not praising them, I'm just saying they made a partial apology with moves like d/f+1+2, 2 and some of his other stuff. I'm mad at them for changing f+3+4, among other things, though. Yoshi can only make mid-tier in DR...and then only with an ***excellent*** player (which I'm not).

Regardless, I can still pwn people in the arcades, a good 51% of the time. You can always tell people who haven't played a Yoshi in a while.


P.S. Oh, and as far as Jinpachi in DR goes, I'm pretty sure if that happens it'll be a similar thing as happened when Heihachi was first unlocked in T5...he's gonna be banned in competitive play.

Actually, i'd say his new f+3+4 still has got it purposes. At least for juggles? I mean - before, when using it as a juggle-ender, your opponent had free damage from a Forward-Roll to Get-Up 3 - some had even got a free launcher!
Okay - you had additional 12 guaranteed damage, and gained +10 HP from the -3+4 afterwards. But the Risk vs Reward-factor taken into consideration, you no longer have to fear to get punished from hitting an airborn opponent, and, furthermore, now have okizeme options from the most damaging juggle-ender. In my opinion, the f+3+4 have been made precisely as it's supposed to be!

And about Jinpachi, i believe they've toned him much down since the non-playable Jinpachi we've seen in Tekken 5. But i bet hes still totally broken. So he's surely gonna get banned from the tournaments - i hope!


ps - sorry if this was too off-topic! :D

acturlly he has got toned down a bit but is still anoying

Sure is, Legs!

They ought to keep him OUT of Tekken IMO - or at least do alot more than just toning him a little down - which i bet they've done. Only toning him abit down that is!

Someone oughta b****slap Namco for screwing up Tekken like that!!! They've come so close in reaching a balanced game in DR, and then they go and do something like that. Jinpachi - pffft! - it's T3 Ogre all over again! :((


you know what NOT that I'm praising namco but if they didn't put a boss chracter in the games then what would there be to complain about except for the tech stuff in the game:con