Forum rules - please read before posting

Every community has its rules, and Yoshi's community is no different. After all, how do you think he keeps his Clan well-organized if not by simple rules?

Well, ask a stupid question... :D

Since you're a new member of this community, you should learn of a few things before starting out:

1) Using 1337 speech and CAPS ONLY will cause angry administrators appear at your door, armed to their teeth, and the probability is that you'll get flamed 'till you're extra crispy. :wink Please avoid those, for the sake of the admins.

2) Don't make your own thread without first making sure there isn't already one that is similar to yours even remotely. That way we can keep the forum nice and tidy and everyone happy. Especially the admins. :D

3) Introductions are nice and we welcome them. :) In fact, we like them so much we have a whole section dedicated for them. Can you guess what's it called? (Answer: Introductions) Please only introduce yourself in the Intoductions section.

4) Please make sure you post your threads into the right sections. If you're not sure where to put the thread, just flip a coin and tell of your uncertainty, someone will move it into the right place if it's a little off. :) It's not a big crime, actually.

5) When writing, please bear in mind that this is an international community. Not many speak English as their native language. There are good books about the fundamentals of writing in English (if you slept through the elementary school - trust us, we know it's possible :D), so you could consider picking one up and browsing through it, since many appreciate it when correct grammar and punctuation is used. It's not that hard, really. :)

6) Do not harass, stalk or otherwise annoy other members. This is a peaceful place, and the admins have zero tolerance towards hostility.

If you have any questions you don't want to ask in public, you may send a PM to the admins. They won't pluck your eyes out and eat 'em for that. :)

~ yTS Webmasters

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