Help? What to do when opponent hits the wall?

I don't know what to do when opponent hits the wall. Are there any wall specific combos that i can do for my yoshi?

Now you can upload the FAQ :) There's everything you need.

wall splat:

high wall splat:

This is absolutely basic stuff, but there are more options, of course.

tenshi sorry don't want to be a know it all here but would this work if a wall is coming up?

d/f+2, b+1+1, b+1+1, wall hit, D/B+2+2+2+2

It depends on spacing, but yes, sure... you will have to run up a bit if you're too far I think (again, it depends on spacing).

The walls are all about practice... (if I don't play for some time, I can't do this well until I remind myself a proper timing and spacing)

looks like I have alot to do. thanks