New YOT - New experience?

May I suggest a compromise?

What if there were less sections in the forums, and you could provide a chance of a web-blog to those who would like to have one? Having less sections in forums could also reduce the amount of spam, as well as the written rules. I would actually be very interested in helping to make the rules.

Any ETA for the new theme, or is it a little too early to ask, Tenshi-sama?

What's ETA? It reminds me only terrorists ^_^""""

I think it's too early to show anything, it's all in my head and also on my notebook (now I'm using home PC). Yeah, the same you saw in my room, with "hot line" across the screen. :)

The point is that professional weblog systems would have to have a separate database (and so there would be a need to re-register)

....there are many options...

ETA = estimated time of arrival. Nothing to do with terrorism :blush

Perhaps there should be a vote how many would want to have a blog to write to. That should give some data to work on, eh? :)

Give my best regards to "K.O. Mastah", will you? :wink

I gave the regards and you received his best regards in return :)

Pheeeew... almost done. I'm experimenting with the blog engine and I have to admit that I'm astonished. It's efficient and lighting fast at the same time, simple in use and has lots of capabilities...

The work on my personal blog theme is finished, and it's a good start to create themes for other blog users: that is: you of course.

The project I want to start is a blogging community site for Tekken fans. So, the blog templates will show different Tekken characters. At the starting point, I can create some blog themes but tell me, what characters would you like to have on your blog theme?

Also, the main community site theme is also under construction :)

The structure of the community will be as follows:

- It's divided into Two main article categories: the YO-Team and Tekken Team. These are categories for the articles from your own blog, which you'd like to show on the main page for the community (of course it's optional)
- it has login place, various statistics about user blogs and registration place.

USER BLOGS: as you register, you'll be able to create your own blog. Upon registration there will be a choice of themes. You can also write your details.

You can create own categories, articles, upload pictures, create albums, etc. The articles can be assigned only for your blog categories, or can be shown on the main community site.

This will be experimental project. We shall see if it will develop in something bigger or not. :) Of course this site will remain untouched, so don't worry :)

I can't wait now.

hope I'm one of the first ones to see it:)

I must say i have trouble imagining how this would come to be. But completely removing the "forums" seems somewhat drastic in my opinion (Correct me if i've completely misunderstood the process of the debate).

Debating whether we should remove the forums or not, i have to admit i lean towards Tora's suggestion of adding in some moderators. For that matter, i'd gladly apply for the moderator status to keep the forums clean of spam. Removing the forums, in my opinion, might result in, as Tora puts it:
"With no forums, the main reason for coming to this site, the community, is gone, and most people would just revert back to TZ."
- And i doubt anyone wish for that to happen.

All though, your suggestions about these BLOGS might just show to be the sh*t - but meaning that our forums will be removed completely in order to fight spam just seems, well - Drastic! - Or too big a change.

IMO, the problem is not the spam - it's more level of entuisiasm the YOT-members inbetween.

If you want this BLOG-system, well, then go for it! But be cautious about completely killing what, i think, have kept the YOT alive for this long: Our forums - Spam or not!

Dunno if that was worth something - But, well - take it or leave it. :)


I just don't see why we can't have the blog and froums, ok I can understand about the disk space and it would limt how much you could put in your blog but better then completly removing the froums.

I agree with Fastlegs here. I'd vote for both Blog AND Forums.
- That way no one gets cheated! :)

I'm know I'm a noob here but even I would be sad to see the forums go.

Yes It would be a great idea to promote more moderators.

Maybe It would be better If the site was able to recognise who posting too much in one topic and atomatically stop them. A message pops up and tells them they are spamming, then they are blocked on that topic until the next couple of posts. If that's as easy to do as it sounds?:con

I would hate to see the forums go... some times they are why I sign in 2 to 3 times a day... and i do like the weblogs as well .. i think having them both is best but as so many before me have said (and im sure you know by now) i support any change you make .. ( even when you killed the game lol ) oh .. btw im going to be using the weblogs to store my weekly journals for my group dynamics class .. :|

I'm now in the process of searching for YOT theme inspiration... I think it will be prettier than this one, more bright (but with dark elements) but also will require pretty strong computers to work without jamming...

I have recently upgraded my PC and now I see that some special web effects require a good processor [about 2GHz (old) or dual core one (dual cores kick ass)] and a handful of RAM (512 MB should be enough). Otherwise scrolling a page is a pain...

Tell me: how strong PCs do you have?

well you have seen my PC Tenshi and as I said to you I'm in the process of getting internet after the new year.

I would not acturlly know how storng my laptop is.:con

Can I make a sugestion to compermise everyone, but I know it might be a bit of a pain for you?

How about making two versions of the new Yot theame one for people who have a strong pc's and a light one for people who don't so that why no one is feeling left out:)

What do you think?

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Right-click on "My computer" icon and choose "properties": you'll see basic computer specifications, which should be enough.

BTW, do you have Microsoft Word?

I did the check, not lookin good for me, my laptop does not have that much ram, but I think it's just about ok for the processer part.:satisfied

as for me having Microsoft Word, I don't, but I do have word pad and notebook, why do you ask Tenshi?

Thats a good idea.

In case if you're going to make a new shrine, please give us some choices for the layout.