New YOT - New experience?

Hi there Yoshi fans,

I have been thinking about the future of this site. The forums are becoming kind of "loud", nowadays little people respect the rule of "not spamming" and making a mess out of topics that should be dedicated to only one issue. It makes me tired, and so more experienced members have probably noticed that I don't fight the spam anymore.

I decided that I'll drastically change the purpose of YOT. I'll remove the forums which I really can't controll, and setup a completely new shrine, where Yoshi fans will be able to maintain their own blogs (including myself). There will be also a advanced photo gallery where you'll be able to create categories, albums and upload all sort of available media, not only pictures. (videos, flash movies, etc).

Of course I'll re-write all old YOT articles, fan fiction, and media center. The only difference is that there will be no longer forums on the site. And that all members will have to re-register on the new shrine.

I'm not yet sure whether I'll remove the forums completely or maybe keep it closed as YOT archives. On the other hand, I still have backups of really, really old forums that were alive during the "best years" of YOT, when Dinaga and Kirimitsu were active and obsessed Yoshi fans. Also, there are still even older YOT archives available on this very site (but there are no links to them :)) ...I'm thinking about adding them all to the new shrine and make a detailed "history page" with screenshots, and then, finally removing the old files (because the server disc is really messy and full of files that most probably have many duplicates)

On one hand: the roots of the site are important and I want to keep them. On the other side, I don't want to listen to the questions "why can't I post in these forums".

My new activity will focus on my personal Yoshi-obsessed blog (and I'll give a possibility to create own blogs to best YOT members, mods and administrators) together with making extensive faq-like articles about Tekken/Yoshimitsu strategy. I'll also create movies of various kinds (the tutorial movies, combo movies, fan movies) about Yoshimitsu, sharing my experince with you.

This will but require a lot of work.
Step one: uploading all the disc content to my hard drive and order the files and folders
Step two: setup a new shrine, make a new theme, and most probably re-arrange the current shrine to become an archive. It is possible that this shrine will also receive a new theme.

Well, that's it...

Tell me what you think about it.

Great to hear from you, Tenshi-sama. :)

I have noted, too, the excess grow in the forum's spam rate. I feel I'm to blame of it partly, since I've been slacking off of my admin duties too much. I feel neutral about the forum being removed or not, but if there is much quarrel about it, I could give myself a kick in the butt and try and control the forum more strictly, starting with declaring some rules about the postings and such.

I understand what you're saying, though. Upholding a forum with user amount such as this one's is a tiring job to do. In the end this is your decision, and whatever you come up with, you have my full support.

Yours cruelly,

It sounds really really great Tenshi!

I guess the forums as they are now are a little bit spammy, although I guess part of the reason that has happened is because of a lack of topics and a lack of people posting, which leads to the regular members rambling off just too make conversation. I know that's not really what a forum should be about, but still... the forums as they are now feel sort of... cosy.

But as I said, this new YOT seems really awesome, and I really hope it works out. However, I personally am fond of forums, and so my only complaint would be the loss of them. But if you think It's for the best (and I'm sure you know best ^_^) then you should go ahead and get rid of them.

Well... I can't wait to see what happens!

Yours cruelly, hehe :)

Thank you for support, both Koga and Greenyoshi. :) There's also one more problem that I keep in mind: spammy forums are a bad thing for the reputation of the site. As for blog sites: the blog articles are usually well-thought, and the communication is based on a comments system. So still there will be a place to express your thoughts in a forum-like style.

As for the theme... it will be bright and optimistic, and the main design will be all about the blooming cherry tree (the symbol of samurai) and a shinto shrine.

True that, spammy forums are bad rep and also a real pain in the butt. Unfortunately, comments can be spammed as well. If, and only if, the forum gets a second chance, there should be some written rules made up and a more strict upkeeping.

Your idea for the theme is fantastic, abso-posi-you better believe it! :) This is, after all, a shrine for Yoshimitsu. Who could ever imagine an angsty Yoshi, anyway? I wonder if you got the inspiration from the Dark Resurrection's Hell's Gate.

You've got a point! I will probably use some parts of the "Into nirvana" stage... hmmm. :D I completely forgot about this, but I think my inspiration derived exactly from this stage. :)

edit: as for forums... the engine will be different so... hmmm. I have no idea.

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damm you don't show up for a long time and then come back in a big why.

anyway got a Question: will we still get to keep our membership status A.k.A that I'm a tekken fan on here, will I get to keep it when I re regerstair on to the new shine?

anyway I feel like the big blame for the spaming on the site, because everytime I come online I post in every single thread and then when someone else comes online I can't stop posting.

@Koga: you have been doing your admin duties you told me and greenyoshi off the other day for mucking around on a thread, that plus you have been helping me out whitch is your job after all.

anyway I don't know how to feel about the change have to see what Tenshi plans to do first before I give my opion, I Will be watching this space.

I'm also too blame... I think that Fastlegs and I have made up the majority of the recent posts. Still, It's only because there is on the whole a lack of people posting, and a lack of intrest in any given topic. And of course, even though many of our posts might be considered spam, I feel that just as many are relevant. Relevant not just to the topic they are in, but to a love of Yoshi and Tekken itself as well.

However like I said, I'm all for the new YOT. It really does sound great, I just hate to see the forums go.

well said greenyoshi didn't know you could get center mental

I mean I would be up for the new shine and that as well don't get me wrong, it's just that what else are we ment to do just play our games to death:p

I'd strongly advise against removing the forums. That was what killed Meemitsu's WTCL site. With no forums, the main reason for coming to this site, the community, is gone, and most people would just revert back to TZ.

If you want to fight the spam (which I don't see as that big of a problem given the size of our active posting base), you could add a mod staff of one or two to keep the pressure on while you're away. If you want, you could make most of the forums (maybe all except the general discussion and off-topic ones) accessible only to YOT members.


Meemitsu didn't have any blogs :D

There's also another possibility. Which is: waiting for the release of the blog plugin for this engine. What do you think?

(anyway, I don't think it would be that good as the engines which are strictly blog-oriented)

mmm...dunno. I hardly ever update my myspace blog as it is....not to mention my deviantart journal and my abandoned xanga and livejournal blogs. I think a forum is a better way to form a sense of community.

But hey, it's still your decision.


I agree with Tora.

I have a myspace, and I hardly ever even touch the blog anymore. A similar thing happened with another such blog before that as well.

A new site and theme would be great, but the loss of the forum might just kill the community.

right after hearing everything from quite the more expernced members here is what I think should happen, hope Tenshi agrees to this.

1) tora's suggestion, to get one or two people who are on here nearlly all the time and get them to stop people from spaming the froms, by sending them Pm's and if they do it again they get banned for 24H before they can come back online.

2) make stuff like the hardcore part of the froum and of coruse the FAQ'S only for tekken fans and above, I would say YOT but I think the tekken fans deservie some freedom as well around this site.

that's all I can think of

I think I'll follow your opinion.

While I'm writing these words, the site engine got a list of upgrades (like: the authors of a fan fiction or article can now edit their own pages), which a full list you'll learn after I make new site theme. Some of them are really interesting :)

As for weblogs... .... .... .... hmmm. I'm stuck in the spot and can't decide.