there is going to be a tekken tournament in France


Tekken 5.0: BT2 Tournament
Tekken 5 DR: Freeplay. Well, there could be some DR since kamuijin already has a PS3 and is waiting to see if he can DL DR in January! Nothing's really sure, though. I guess we'll see. Also, if you have a PS3 and the game, feel free to bring it, thanks!
Tekken Tag Tournament (Arcade version): Freeplay. The thing is that we have this PCB and then, we connected it to some Supergun and Neo Geo to PS2 adapters. Meaning you will actually be able to play it with your PS2 pad/stick. Slight problem: you will have to press Select to start a game, and Start to Tag! But it's not so bad, and this could well be the first time you'll ever play Arcade TTT with your pad!

Bring you own pad, stick, Memory Card

Saturday, February 3rd, 2007. 2 PM

BT Vol. 2
- US version
- Leagues and Double Elimination
- Leagues: first to 2, then first to 3 during DE (LB & WB) except for Finals (LB & WB): first to 5
- Regular settings (100% lifebar, ...). First to 3 rounds. Random stage

BT Consolation
- Brackets: first to 2 (LB & WB) except for Finals (LB & WB): first to 3
Well, if you do not make it to the BT2 regular brackets, you will be placed in this BT Consolation brackets, and will also have the chance to win there!

OK, now let me introduce you to this special event (took place two times earlier and was won by Genius both times). BT is a tournament where you have to be the best with your favourite character. It is supposed to show who is the best Steve, the best Law, the best Marduk, ...
Each group is a character based tourney, so there is a maximum of 29 groups. Depending of the number of players there at BT2, you will have to choose 2 or 3 characters (so you will enter 2 or 3 groups). A group tourney has to have a minimum of 3 players to take place. If the Yoshi group has only 2 players, the group tourney can't take place. Depending of the number of players in each group:
- 3, 4 or 5 players: Round Robin (all players meet)
- 6 players: 2 groups of 3 and then both Winners meet.
- 7 players: one group of 3 players, and one group of 4 players.
- 8 players: 2 groups of 4 players.

Each Winner from each group tourney goes to BT2 brackets. There will be 29 different players in the brackets (so all 29 Tekken characters). If Player A wins both the Steve and Yoshi tourneys, he has to choose if he wants to play in the brackets using Steve or Yoshi. Let's say he chooses Yoshi: the 2nd placer from the Steve tourney will go to the BT2 brackets, ...

Each player who doesn't go to the BT2 regular brackets goes to the BT Consolation brackets, using his favourite character. You can have the same character more than one time in these brackets.

OK, it looks complicated, but it isn't! And it's a fun tourney, so don't bother so much. But you still have to be the best with your character to go to the BT2 regular brackets, though!

First 3 placers from both brackets will win the BT2 Special Edition DVD! It's not so good but also no so bad.

Where does it take place?
Hotel Express By Holiday Inn
178 boulevard Vincent Auriol
75013 Paris, France

Metro station Place d'Italie, just 2 minutes from Mc Donald's, KFC, even Tang Gourmet for connoisseurs (!), you also have the Italie 2 shopping center just nearby.
Absolutely no food or drinks inside of the venue, please! Please take your drinks outside, as I have agreed with the hotel that there will be no food inside.

You may want to check the webiste for more details (Holiday Inn), you have all the explanations there (metro station Place d'Italie, etc...):

As usual, you can stay at the venue all night long. If you arrive in Paris on saturday morning, you don't even have to look for accommodation. If you arrive on friday, please ask quite early on this topic, so that we can try to find a way to house you.

The Formule 1 Hotel from Porte de Ch?tillon has rooms for 3, and only costs 41 ?!

Also, a lot of addresses here, you may want to check the Grand Hotel Republique or Hotel Neptune (this one is just near the venue)...

Youth Hostels Website, you should have low prices there...

Please be here at 2 PM on Sat. You can stay there until Sun, 10 AM.

How to get there
If you arrive from Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport, you should try RER Line B, then Metro Line 7.
From CDG to Chatelet (RER Line B)
From Chatelet to the venue (Metro Line 7), please stop at Place d'Italie.
From the UK, you may want to try the mighty Eurostar, rather fast! But do not book on the very last day, as it will cost you even more than 100 ?! Go to the center of Paris (Ch?telet Les Halles) with RER Line B, and then catch the subway line 7 to Place d'Italie: this will be a 15 mn ride from Ch?telet Les Halles to the venue.
Flights, buses
If you book in advance, this should not cost more than 60/70 ? from most parts of Europe.
Check Eurolines as it's really cheap, no more than 60 ? from UK, and a little more from NL, DE, ... Please book in advance as prices rise quite quickly!
To all the people arriving at Beauvais airport (Ryanair, Wizzair), this is NOT near Paris. Actually, it's a 1 hour ride (bus) from Paris. Just check here for details...

DVD Feature
There will definitely be a DVD from this tourney, with all fights from 1/4 Finals (LB, WB).

Entry Fee
You will be asked 12 ? to enter the BT2 Tournament & freeplay all the time!

ok I've pasted this from TZ. I can't remember everything you know.

hope Tenshi does not mind me putting the topic up.

oh and incase it does not say you need to sign up on TZ/ or PM me and I will pass your name and chracters and nation on to Kenj ( tournament oragansier)


Fast Legs Can u Get any Videos from that Tournment........ I would be so thankful....

I have to see, no promises

If it wasn't for the bad timing i might just have considered showing up - if the opportunity was there, that is!

So - how many is exprected to show up, anyways - and will there be more of these kinds of tournaments in the future?


so far there are about 70 expected to show up with more to come and so far the yoshimitsu chracter tournament is on.

but the most intresting group at the moment in the tournament is the bryan group it has the most players so far.

you could still come just hurry up, if you want Pm me and I will pass everything on to kenj.:)

this is the first international tournament since the end of the november when we had the polish tournament, and since we are exepecting a big year this year for tekken sort to say we should have more international tournaments happening for 2007

I'd love to, Fastlegs - but i really can't go. By the time the tourney is on, i've started at the military here in Denmark. And since you're forced to go to the military in Denmark, it's not possible for me to go. Sorry! :blush

But, please - fill me on the happenings, please. And, too, let me know of other events in the future too! I'd - actually - love to go to one of these tournaments sometime.

You're taking part, right, Fastlegs?


yeah got my ticket before Christmas

Nice - so i guess you've signed up for the Raven-group, huh? - Ah, i'm actually abit excided myself.

I'll cross my fingers for ya, Fasty! :D

- And somewhere in the future - near or distant - i hope we'll meet. Heck - i'd love to meet all of you guys from YOT sometime. Could be alot of fun! :)


raven and yoshimitsu actully.

thanks for the support.

and you might have something there a whole YOT and YTS members only tournament
that would be nice for the summer holidays

Yeah - that would be cool!
- Perhaps we should suggest it, Legs?
:yes <-> :no


I get first vote:yes

WHOA - That was a fast reply. You shouldn't happen to be a psychic or anything? :O_o
- Don't read my mind! PLEASE! Those are too, yeah, well... Perverted! :p


How about getting that Topic started then, dear? :)

hey your right ADMIN OR TENSHI will have our heads if we keep spamming, better make a new topic for this my idea so you can do it.:)

Why not :) I'm experienced in organizing tournaments. But the question is: WHERE.

Why not meeting each other in Poland in May? (On Tekken Tej Tournament 4?)

That could be arranged!

But, please - could any of you fill me in on how these things are done and, more or less - what people need to know (perhaps start a new threat sometime?). 'Cause as far as my experience goes, i'm not too familir with travelling and such. :con

Anyways - great idea, Tenshi. I'm game! :)