Has anyone completed the wolrd compettion?

Um... In soul calibur III there's that mode called world championships or something. I'm just wondering if anyone has ever completed all 12 tournaments? I've been trying to, but I keep dieing. PLEASE PLEASE, if anyone has finished it, tell me how you did it. and espeically, what special items do you get from it ()if it unlocks more items)..


I honestly don't have that kind of stamina or bladder capacity...I might one day, but not any time soon.


lol. I know the feeling. That mode really drains you. I can never make it past the fourth without falling asleep. lol

You don't get any items; only a load of cash.

All I'm trying to do now with that game is get GREAT in Survival - Hard. Then I think I'm done.

|sometimes i play it i think it's rigged
[probly cause im crap!!]