christmas wishs and greetings

ok mainly if you want to say a special merry christmas to someone on the froum, or put something christmashi up like a yoshimitsu christmas card for the froum go ahead.

anyway I start,

merry christmas to my friends here on the from aka tenshi and koga, won't be online on chrismas day don't have internet:cry

Merry Christmas! Merry kissmarse! lol
Anyways... for christmas, i want a psp. lol
Right now!!!

*gives fastlegs a x-mas card*
"open it,' says clar380, a cheeky grin on his face. fastlegs (where'd you come up with that name?) recieves the card reluctantly, aware that clar380 could have a prank up his sleeves. "I wonder what it says?" fastleg says.
As she opens it, there's nothing in there, no writting. nothing.
Feeling thoroughly relieved and somewhat shocked at how ridiculous this seemed she looked up to find I was gone. lol

Im bored, as you can see.

The Bored

I also want to wish everyone in the YTS Community a very Merry Christmas.

Have YOU put up your Christmas Tree this December?

Merry Christmas, all. Happy Hannukah too!


not borthed to put up my christmas tree.

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you all have a great time.

(I would also like a PSP Clar) =P