My Fan Fiction: Ever Since Then

Well, I just submitted the first chapter for a Fan Fiction I've started working on. It's not exactly going to be really long or anything, and although It's Tekken based, the goings on in it arn't exactly mainstream.

If it gets through and you guys read and (hopefully) like it, then I'll be much more inspired to keep writing it.

So goes nothing.

(And of course, feel free to add any comments to this thread)

i like it

i can just guess what lee is going to say

i'm not going to spoil it tho.

and putting a fighting secne at the begging is great

keep it up

Ok, I've submitted the second chapter.

This is my first Fan Fiction by the way, and I don't really know what I'm trying to do with it and I know the story probably seems a little bit shakey, but oh well.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the second chapter! =)

One last thing... I probably won't have access to the internet for the next few days or so, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to get the third chapter up (I haven't even written it yet though anyway).

Well...happy reading! ^_^

just finished reading the seconed chapter those three men would not have anything to do with heihachi would they, can't wait for the next chapter

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