sign up list for the new RPG game

ok mainly because some people are not writting a story and just trying to destory each other. me and clar have decieded to make up a new thread for the RPG game it will go up thrusday night.

but in order for me to start a good story RPG thread i need to know who wants to be in the game so leave your name here and i will add you to the new game.

if you are new to the game you are going have to leave a profile of your type of chracter that you will be in the new game in the feedback thread, if you where in the last game and left a profile in the feedback thread you can keep your profile for the new RPG game.

1) Fastlegs
2) ihopethismanecounts
3) clar380

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The heck is an rpg game on a forum?

what it be

mainly it will be something we make up all together everyone get's to tell a part to the story, but we are going to make like an adventure of some sort. so mainly we're going to be on a quest for something and because i know everyone has a wild imgination, people will make things up as the story goes on that will make it more intresting hopefully.

NB: Me and clar380 have been talking and have decieded to start the story just after or before christmas.

If you let me know when it starts and if im still intrested in it then ill be happy to join in if you dont mind of course.

My profile is on the other thread, and :yes count me in...

Obviously, I join. But we must keep to the old story, even if it's missing. I remember it though, I'll be posting it somewhere soon.

right get the list updated

story will start after christmas or before.

clar pm me the old story plz

^_^;; Do I post my Char Profile here or somewhere else? Can I get a copy of the old story as well if thats what you guys are useing? Thanks in advance.

you post your chracter profile in the rpg feedback thread.

you need to ask clar about the old story

you know what i think when the site got hecked is when the pages got deleted.

not to sure was only here after it happened

Okay, I'll be posting the stroy-so-far in the rpg feedback thread very soon. Atleast in the next 15 minutes.


ok be waiting, got no class till 4pm my time

Of some reason, my browser has failed updating the list of new threats. Haven't seen this until now.

I will, as i spoke of in the new RPG threat, look the story through so far. I'm not too sure i remember it all. But as soon as i get some things in order, i'll continue where we took off.

Furthermore, i and Clar have been discussing stuff about our RPG-story. Further details about this will not be revealed at the current as we're still developing and discussing back and forth.
- Be patience, and you'll see..


hey im helping out here don't let me know what is going on:((