favourite ending video for tekken 5 or DR

ok so you play game at the end there is a video,

some funny,
some stupid,
and some part of the story line.

ok my favourite ending video has to kuma's or panda's video.

the way that lee keeps giving a thumbs up to whatever the bears do is so funny.:D

My definite fave is T4 Bryan's ending. Very touching. Second award goes to T5 both Yoshi's and Bryan's ending. Dramatic, speedy, scary. Third award goes to TTT Roger/Alex ending. Laughed my butt off when I saw them the first time. :D

My first vote for Tekken 5 would have to go to Heihachi's because that was just damn funny. After that, I am going to have to say Bryan's was the next best one in the game. Just the way Bryan nonchalantly blew holes in Yoshimitsu was a thing of beauty.

that was a lucky gun shot if you ask me, no human being or cyborg for that matter has eyes behind their head:O_o

I don't think it was very lucky at all. Bryan was just showed he was much more cunning that Yoshimitsu in that video as Yoshimitsu did to Bryan in his ending. Bryan knew where Yoshimitsu was the entire time, he just allowed him to believe that he didn?t so Yoshimitsu would be fooled into making the first move. Unfortunately for Yoshimitsu, he was in for a big surprise. :p