Heya everyone! ._.;;

Well, just dropping in to say hi since I'm probably gonna start lurking 'round these forums (since I'm a yoshi fan).

I've known about Tekken for a while though I've only recently started getting more and more addicted. Right from the start Yoshi appealed to me because of his strangeness and sillyness, and now...I'm a Yoshi maniac.

So anyway, I'm just learning the game, learning Yoshi, and trying to have some fun.

I hope to see you all around and hopefully I can learn a thing or two.

^-^ Yoshi forever~

Hello, and welcome aboard Manjikai. Sit back and enjoy your stay. :) You'll definitely pick up new things here. Just keep a tight eye on the experts, such as Tenshimitsu. She's the best Yoshi there is. :yes

(Don't bother asking me, though. I play Bryan... :blush)

Once more, welcome! :)

Yours cruelly,

and about this time last week i just started to come on this website.

anyway welcome feel free to look around i realy recomend the gallery loads of pictures to look at. check out kogamitsu's comic the blood ring.

if you want to talk about non- yoshimitsu topics. just come here to the yts community off topic part of the froum.

anyway don't know what else to say.

so have fun


edit: and what koga said is ture, tenshi is the best out of all of us with yoshimitsu.

Welcome greenyoshi to manjikai! I can't really think of much to say, cuase these ones *looks above* have already said it all, so... I hope we see you around here alot.

PS: nothing to sya, lol.

Welcome here... i'm sure that in this site you will know (if you will want)all of Yoshi...

See ya

Namuuu.... Welcome, green one. May your stay be enlightening ;)


Toramitsu : Namuuu.... Welcome, green one. May your stay be enlightening ;)


lol, that is sooo funny. :D

Welcome and enjoy your stay greenyoshi.:D