How do I view the FAQ files?

It says something about asking the Admin to raise your account level or something.

To be able to read the FAQ files, you have to be a certain level. You post level means nothing. You have to ask Tenshi for a level up. At the moment, you're a member. but when you get leveled up and can gain entrance to restricted areas, such as the FAQ files.

Does this help?


Similarly, what do you think is the requirement for having such a level up. Do we need to do certain "quest"?:D

Maybe, I think we just have to prove our un-dieing loyalty to Yoshi. He's the reason we all come here!

Yepeee! Im an expert (post level!) lol:D:D:D:D

Does the FAQ section have super uber moves of Yoshi that it's restricted :blush

What do we need to do to earn it?

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Dunno. I've always been able to see it, since I've been a member of YOT since version 4.0 (iirc).


I guess there is lot more to learn before viewing the Faq files:con

To earn it, you need to spin a sword above your head, causing you to fly. Simply record said act and send it to a mod to view the faqs.

On a serious note: I asked Tenshi, but never got a reply.

Is sharing the file to those who cant view it against the rules?

i think you are going have to ask site admin or tenshi

but i do think it's against site rules

FAQ Files: in-depth strategies and tactics of chosen Tekken character. Worth reading! Avaliable only above Level =Tekken fan=! Ask administrator to raise your level.
There, straight from the FAQ site info. :)

that would be a yes then i take it :)

Sharing secret Yoshi knowledge with others wouldn't be fair, and I don't think Tenshi would appreciate it.

So we just ask an admin or tenshi and they do it straight away? No qualifications whatsoever?

A total and undying love of Yoshimitsu is required of course! =D

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