what do you do during a boring day at work or school?

well im stuck in college till thrusday, then I'm off for xmas

If I had a PSP and DR, I'd take you up on that dare fastlegs.

what a shame no xmas present for you:D

How about a PSP for a xmas present so that I can then... Hrm. Er, maybe go back in time and complete the challange after getting my present and thus completing the task, and since I already obtained my present, no need for another one.

Or something. x.x

Zone out...maybe go out for lunch. Depends.

@ Green yoshi: ask sanit nichlos if he is still alive:D

I won't ask him, I'll just show up wielding a katana instead.

Also, I forgot one of the best things to do whilst bored in class: listen to music!

I love doing that when I'm in college, but because i love my music loud the rest of the class take the piss and tell my teacher.

don't get it why they get away with it they have their music up loud to no fairs:((

That sucks. =(

Usually my teachers don't mind people listining to music, as long as you're actually doing work or something at the same time.

yeah that is what our teacher says to us and most likely they are laugthing like heiners in the public zoo.

and nothing gets done.

Yeah I know what you mean.

But I guess that's just the way it is. But really, I wouldn't know, I've never really had any problems in keeping myself distracted in boring classes.

tell you what tho

something stupid happened yesterday,

someone from the same class but different group throw a bottle at one of my classmates nearly it the fire alarm and kicks the bin in for no reason just because the other group think they are better then us.

Sounds like trouble...

Well, I guess if that's how they wanna keep occupied...:con

we got in trouble for it yesterday no more paper ball fights for me and two other class mates in my class on a tuesday from now on. or i get kicked out

Woah, it would be bad to get kicked out...

(But hey... no more boring school:p)