YAY!! YOT is back!!!

I was sooo scared yesterday when I came in for a visit. The site was all hacked with scary music and I was seriously contemplating suppuku. lol. What would we ahve done without YOT. *sighs*

What'd you think about the whole thing? Tell me what you felt and the other stuff that happened.

The guy who was lost without you

oh good, was so annoyed that it was hacked. what compelled them to do it? totally pointles

It wasn't pointless. It made us realise how horrible people are, and how much we really appreciate this site. lol.

Yeah, aside from exposing some vulnerabilities, we realized how much we'll loose if ever this site vanishes... forever! (I certainly hope not...)

Good thing everything remains intact (I think)

because this is my thread, i'm replying for no reason. lol!

One more post like that, Clar, and you'll be banned.

Thread closed.

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