Your Yoshi secrets.

Here are a few that I have that are situational... (heck, most of Yoshi's stuff is situational, lol) but quite useful stuff. U need to set it up properly though.

f+2~d/b+2,2,2 U/F BT 3 BT u/f+4:

Normally on a hit, f+2~d/b+2,(2),2,2's into u/f+3 will catch opp BT d+1 or BT u/f+4 for the class 2 juggle, and Fc d/f+4 will catch opp holding back. However...

-u/f+3 would be defeated by holding back into a possible launcher punish
-Fc d/f+4 can be defeated by BT d+1 and even BT u/f+4 for class 2 juggles

By adding one more move to the already 50/50, Yoshi players has one more option in his arsenal. Inputting U/F will jump over opp's d+1, and is safe when opp chooses to hold back. From here:

If opp d+1's:
-U/F will jump over opp giving u a guaranteed BT 3 (opp stays BT after hit) into FREE BT u/f+4 for the class 2 juggle.

If opp hold back:
-U/F landing into FC/WS mixups, u know the deal.

The only downside of this option is that it would be beaten by opp BT u/f+4's. However, since u are at airborne state, u are not going to eat a full juggle if ur opp BT u/f+4 u.

Fc d/f+1 suicide setup (this might be old? but I have not seen many people use it)

Fc d/f+1 normally grants d/f+1,1,1 + oki. However, when off-axis, only one side grants such juggle. Sure, u can hit ur opp w/ a well-timed f,f+4, but damn... such a timing w/ no damage what so ever... what about some easier input that would grant u just as much damage normally, and much more if u are lucky?

and here comes the Fc d/f+1 setup...

After Fc d/f+1, u/f+3+4,b+1,4 will jump over ur opponent, and will land the first two hit onto ur opponent. The two hits (u/f+3+4 and b+1) will do almost no damage, but leaves Yoshi in a beautiful position. Below is the list of options on opp's action.

-If opp rolls back: after 4, u are in a very safe position to do BT d/b+2,2,2,2 retreat for the BT 2 bait, BT d/b+1+2,3_4 backflip stunner, or BT d+3+4 IND recovery.
-If opp stays on the ground: 4 will hit ur opponent and u can choose either applying pressure from that point, or BT d/b+2,2,2 retreat.
-If opp stand up straight: They will block the backflip 4. However, the chance is, ur opponent will also know that the backflip has extremely short recovery time and will not attack u. Grab if it's allowed (offline, lol), and d+1+4~b+1 for the 55% combo.

u+3+4 study:

Many players already know blocking u+3+4 will give them frame disadvantage resulting uninterruptable d/f+2_d/f+4, or anything faster. They will especially not going to do anything stupid when they are by the wall. My u+3+4 is exactly for this situation...

(Opp by wall, and is forced to block a u+3+4 from the ground) b,b~n~b+1+2 (now hits m in DR, in case if u guys didn't know)

the quick and short period of b will keep Yoshi in a distance where opp's jab will not hit. In the state of panic, it's hard to think of anything other than jab to fight against a semi quick unblockable. Once b,b+1+2 hits opp, nothing is guaranteed. However, u can 1+2 and force ur opp to stand up straight (if they don't, they will get hit soon.. though it's actually a better option due to less damage dealt) Once ur opp stand up straight in front of you, FLE u/f is basically guaranteed, and u can then follow w/ FLE f+3+4, or FLE ~f,f.

Enjoy. :)

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I usually do Flea Dive, and head-butt through their legs. Then I do a low-kick, and as they get back up, I do Moonsault Slayer. It was pretty effective on my friends, but they learnt to side-step it later on. =\

Although this was found on my PSP, I personally love:

Counterhit B+1+4,DT+1+2,2. Its an awesome countermeasure that does big damage. For added damage (Espically if your opponent doesnt Ukemi OR attempt to be smart and counter), Start the Pogo Stance (1+2) and go for that foor dive (T+3+4 while in Pogo). 80% of the time, I find myself getting a free hit, espically if theyre slow.