Your Yoshi secrets.

I'm guessing this is going a little too far when asking you your yoshi technique secrets. But it needs to asked. Tell us your figthing style, are you offensive, defensive, passive agressive (lol). Do you know any tricks that make moves easier to do, do you know any shortcuts to hard-to-do moves. Tell us you're favourite combo or juggle. In short, tell us (if you dare) your way to victory when being yoshi.

I won't tell you my secrets untill someone answers.


Since I've got nothing to lose (hey, I know you guys already know the stuff that I know :D, but let me try to answer your question.)


My fighting style, I'll say luck dependent. I still can't figure out the styles (or how to do a certain style) to counter an opps style. My current motto is "If it hits, it hits. If not try again." So my style will be probably a spam of the same moves (juggle, then 1-3 oki moves, repeat). But I try to predict how the opp will stand up and execute the move that will most likely hit when he stood that way.

For tricks, I once can't do the sword sweep before (specially after a 3,3) and I usually end up with just a crouching jab. Then I found this, after the opp was tripped by the last hit of the 3,3, I usually press the d/f immediately and press 1 only when yoshi's head bobs (yoshi will try to get up after the 3,3 but will immediately crouch again because of the d/f, making his head bob or bounce a little)

For juggles, my favorite (well, the only variation I know :D) is the u/f+3,f+1,b+1,1,1,f+3 or the (f+2),d/f+2,b+1,1,1,1,1,f+3. I sometimes use the 1,2,1,3,3,3,4,4,4,4 string after the d/f+2. Right now, I was experimenting on anti quick roll juggles (unfortunately, the PS2 I borrowed was already taken by the owner:(). I think my trip to the arcades will be more frequent from now on.

Well, that's all I know (at least those that I spam often on fights). I hope you found something of interest in there (if ever there's any). I'll post more to this thread if I find anything else to add.


Here let me clear a few things up....
I made this topic for the few of us who are having trouble finding faq files on yoshi. And even if you find one (the ones on this site a reserved for YOT members), who would read an entire faq?! It's amazing that people can even spend time typing them.

Anyways, here my secret. I have no idea if you's know it but I figured out a little trick while playing T4 yoshi. Well, while I was being T4 yoshi, i was fighting and out of nowhere he started doing samurai cutter, even though i hadn't asked him to do so. I realised I had found what I'd like to think is a glitch. After figuring what I was doing, and how the move occured I discovered ther's an easy way to do it without crouching!

Here's how you do it.

While rising (This is the most important part) press, B + Square (left punch). There you have it, a shortcut. The really cool advantage about this move is that you can perform it whenever you're rising! You can do it from tech-rolling, staggering (low), manjilow kicks etc.. practically anymove that ends in a crouching position; gives you the choice of doing samurai cutter.
It doesn't soud very amazing but if you're a good enough fighter you'll figure out good combos, even juggles for this nifty trick i found.

Another trick I found is that you can go into indain stance the same way as my samurai cutter trick. While rising (rising times may vary between moves) you can sit down un-expectedly by pressing the the two kicking buttons a coupe of times. (together)


I mentioned in another thread my method, so I'll post it here, too.

I usually use a move to knock the guy down (3,3, F,3+4) then while they're down, I use D,DB,3,3,3,3,3. Or if I use a move to knock them down and away (B,1+2, F,1+2), I use a healing move while they get up and get closer.

Hey Clar.. This is a Nice Thread....

Guys I am kinda New to Tekken ... anyhow .... I just play with Ordinary players ... not with experts like u but as far as my game play goes I constantly Use Sword block ...... specially against Big fellas.. It hits them Hard and I can start Juggle... if they arent attacking then i make myself Vunerable by going with B+1,1,1,1 and then do sword block... after stone back hands i still have the option of sword sweep or rising kick .. some times i juse u/f 3+4 ... I also use death pose a lot in only T3 .. I would like to know some major Juggles.. can any one help??
THanks guys


I'm not sure what do you meant by major but I suppose you mean juggles with major damage?

Anyway, these are the ones I use for major damage:
d/f+2,b+1,1,1,1,1,b+1,1,f+3 or d/f+2,b+1,1,1,1,1,f+3+4

The two above might be also called major (if you mean commonly used) but can have modified enders to suit your style.

wow, your juggles actually works! lol, the most hits in a combo i can manage is 9. maybe 12 if i get them against the wall but that much.

It doesn't matter how punishing or how un-damaging your juggles are. Just tell us them. Tell us the cool looking ones, the difficult and tricky ones. anything! hmmm..

I've mentioned this in another thread but can't remeber which, soo I'll just say it again.

Did you know you can go into indian stance from running flea? It's possible, you just have to keep pressing 3+4 alot and he sits down. Practice and you'll make good combos from it.

Here's a combo of mine using the running flea technique:

d/f+2, b+1, u/f+3+4 - 1+2 (poison wind to flea), ff (running flea) - 3+4 (idian stance). Now, it really depends on opponent for what move your want to do. this combo leaves you in an advantage. It only ever woks if you opponent never rolls sideways.

I remember I did a 3+4, 3~f, 1+2, f+3+4 several times (in training mode though). It's kinda cool because yoshi immediately goes to flea after he turn around immediately after the flip kick:D. Still can't pull it off on actual games though.

The coolest thing I did was the 4~3, d+1+4 (still on training mode). I can't seem to make it hit everytime, sometimes the opp lands behind yoshi (and the harakiri will hit) other times he lands infront of yoshi (not good!:().

Mines not actually a juggle but..
d/f+2, d+1, QCF+1


... well... I don't want to spoil your feeling of discovering something "new", but... well... :)

Clar, the way you do Sword Sweep is widely known. :) Also, try to input 3+4 in the same situations: you'll see a very quick way of entering Indian Sit.

Only ihopethisnamecounts have written true "combos". Combo is a set of moves that cannot be escaped once the first hit connected.

As for the FAQ: it's as big as enormous is the knowledge about Yoshi. But of course people nowadays love to use the shortcuts, ease their life... so well, you don't have to read it all, just switch to advanced strategy (all the tricks compiled) or look for the move that's interesting at the moment (using "search" option in notepad") and read a few facts about it... :)

Tekken DR Yoshi is more difficult (less damage that he inflicts) and complex (more strategies!). And more fun! He's returning to his old "Trick character" status...

my way of playing yoshi huh, desipte I have been at it only for a good month from christmas day.

this is my way of doing it for the prefect.

d/f+2, b+1+1, b+1+1, D/F+3~1, d+1, u+3+4, f+1+2

just a few more hits and you have the home run for a prefect.

well that's the best I can come up with in a month.

also I play offensive and defenssive

This is a nice set of moves, fastlegs. :) But when playing Tekken, even nicest set of moves won't work if you don't adapt to your opponent playstyle.

Look at the fight as the overall process of learning. Both you and your opponent are learning each other's style. You must see through opponent's actions and do not let him predict your behaviour.

So that's why repeating a set of moves isn't a good idea. If you're developing a strategy, you have to always keep in mind how your opponent might react. You have to create different situations, think of different endings: different possibilities. You must not have only one option.

Natural "mix-ups" are of course programmed series of moves that most of characters have, but Yoshi is different. You have to make your mix-up strategies by yourself.

If you're interested on how to build strategies, I can write a tutorial.

that would be great. plz could I have it.

My secret is make confusion...
For me Yoshi is a god in confusion strategy, i make and change (often and fast) stance during a match, to create a nervous and confusion opponent i hit him by little hits for ex. db4, d1, and when there is the ok moment i make a hit launcher to start in juggle(Yo is one of better juggle player)...In wall stage my primary strategy is go near wall and by DGF and Samurai cutter make a death-okizeme...
Others good strategy are make traps: create uf4 and later flash, create WS2 and later BTflash, create ff3+4 and then BT spinning evade to evade hit-opponent and hit by 3 or db4.
My favorite juggle is this: from BT,3,f,flea1+2,1,kamikaze.
So for me this is Yoshi...

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I like to make the other person attack me (which is pretty easy because Yoshi is the only person who can recover health). He has some good moves out of the Indian Stance too.

So if you're low on health:
fubuki~downslash~indian stance~
f,f4~d1~d3+4~1 or 3,3+4

Or if you don't need to replenish health:
uppercut~spin juggle

If you have opponant on ground near edge of stage:
ground spin kicks

Lots more that just seem to come naturally when I play