Which Character Would You Boot From the Series?

the animals make the game funny ,anyway i heard a rumour that raven is getting kicked out of tekken 6:no

so im glad i have started taken up yoshimitsu:yes

Chars I think should leave:
1. Raven - I agree with everyone on this guy.. >_> He is worthless and they should have put kunimistu in instead.
2. Bryan - I find it hard to fight with him as most of my combos i use are usually just Back and Square (sorry im not familer with the number thing yet) then dash forawrd and do kick combos to keep them down. Hes not on par with everyone else on my opinion.
3. Christie - >_> Bring back Eddy or Tiger as an old man, enough said.
4. heihachi (SP?) >_> I agree with what was said about him. Instead they should jsut let kazuya run the finacial empire and start the tournaments.
5. thats about it actually ^_^;;

Chars I think should stay despite people saying they should be taken out.
The animals (Kuma, Panda, Rodger (Jr. too), Alex, Mokujin (Kokujin and Combot Included in this because they work along the same line as the animals anyway so if they take hte animals out they would probly take these out too) and any others I cant think of off the top of my head. - The animals add diversity to the types fo playing styles and if the writers spent more time on it they could have given them more serious storys. The animals are just as good as more characters and have earned their places in Tekken by being cult faves of lots of people who play the game for fun (which makes up a rather oddly large number of people who buy the game and play it at the arcade).
The Jacks - They work the same as the animals from my perspective. ^_^;; Thats it from me for this topic.

I'd actually like to see Nina leave forever...

The animals have to stay! I don't think Tekken would be the same without them.

It'd have to be Wang,I mean COME ON!!!poor old guy,let him retire,and complain about those gewddawm kids on his lawn

I definitely want Xiaoyu out of tekken. Her quick barrage of crappy attacks are really hard to defend. And the whole backwards stance is really annoying.

christie. had enough of caporiea with eddy, thankyou very much.
i don't see the point in adding a whole barrage of new characters every game though, i think they should have kept with some of the classics. like kazzy, lei, paul, yoshi, jin, heihachi, etc... adding a whole load of new characters wastes disc space on what could be used on improving the better characters. i don't mind 1 or 2 being added a game but 5-8... now that's just too much.

well only 3 new one for Tekken 6, Thank god

and what's with all the raven hating leave the ninja alone he is only doing his job, of kicking your asses at the game really.

oh yeah no more Christie and Eddy.:((

here i go, without explanation


And i want Kuni back!!!:((

I think Ganryu is fat and stupid lol. I don't like Anna cuz she's annoying, Nina to me is too but she can stay in. I don't use Christie but she's really Hot so I want her to stay in. Jack has been dumb in every game, I guess he's for variety but him and Kuma/Panda I think need to go.

i dont really like ganryu id get rid of him





just got tekken 5, just got a new .... jinpachi.
you probably know why i him.

luckily it looks like he won't be in tekken 6.:yes

bbut then again... he can't, coz he's . even better!

LOL! Heihachi would still be rocking the chair till Tekken 12 (if Namco continues on that long).

I would like to see Jin dead. I don't care if he is the main guy, just kill him and replace him with his son or something. He looks like a drunk and emotional teenager. Worst that Asuka.

Raven - Sisqo was enough. Blade was enough. But, this makes me puke out the key I just swallowed. Hes got some great moves though. But, he makes me wanna say: "Thong Blade"

Xiaoyu - *noticing some distant death stares* WHAT?

Panda - Please, just go back the zoo and save your family from dying altogether.

Kuma - *gives Kuma a TV* Free TV for life. Happy now? Now go in a corner and watch as much as bear porn as you want.


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I say kick jin, heihachi, kazuya, hwoarang, devil jin, lee, lei, law, paul, king, eddie he's such a move stealer, julia, and steve, they're so pointless!!!!

I think bob should be the new main character.

1: Baek... too many kicks 2:Bob: out of control how can A fat guy be more faster then YOSHI or Nina he should not be there in the first place 3:paul: idon't know just dont't like him 4: ganryu: look at paul 5: Wang : look at ganryu 6: raven: because he took Kunimitsu place 7: Kuma and roger: this is a fighting game not A zoo 8:Bryan: because he is my mortal enemy.... sorry Koga