Which Character Would You Boot From the Series?

Out of all the tekken characters in the tekken series, which of them would you like to see turn it's back and leave the series forever. I know i have one but i musnt say. Anyone of the characters is allowed to be booted, but obviously Yoshi is exempt from being removed from the series.

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being a major tekken fan i hesitate to say anyone but i really dislike christe eddie gordo's replacement. i liked eddie far better and wouldn't mind if she turned her back ond was taken from the series .. but i do speak hypothetically tekken needs it's diversity and she is definitly diverse

1. Christie. Kick her out and bring Eddy back.
2. Raven. Could we possibly replace that useless piece of **** with someone more streetwise, such as Kunimitsu, perhance?
3. Lili. Useless.
4. Anna. See Lili.
5. Asuka. I see troubled teens enough in real life.

The one person i would really, really want kicked is heihachi. Heihachi! He's supposed to have died atleast four times it's just ridiculus that he keeps surving assasinations attempts and explosions. Why doesnt he just die of old age or something.

I know it would totally weird without him in the tekken series, but it's all the same, he blows up and survives.

I agree that eddie and christie are added to diversify more the set of fighting skills present in tekken, without them, all we got is the mishima fighting style...:D

I can't say the mishimas should booted out as they are why tekken tournaments are held. Although I think one or two is enough.

So that leaves me with... bryan! (sorry koga but this is just my opinion :D). He has a different fighting style (is that street fighting?) but he should have died on yoshi's ending :D.

ihopethisnamecounts : So that leaves me with... bryan! (sorry koga but this is just my opinion :D). He has a different fighting style (is that street fighting?) but he should have died on yoshi's ending :D.
No offence taken! :p
It's suppose'ta be kickboxing. I've taken a few lessons in Muay Thai, and it's nothing like he does. So I call it psycho-boxing. I can't be too far off.

Sadly, we can't say yet which one killed which one. I hope Yoshi-boy got him, since I find it kind of ridiculous that a psychotic cyborg could defeat an eternal ninja... but, anyway, be honest now IHTNC - do you want him out because you don't like him, or because he's trying to kill Yoshimitsu? :D

Well, I choose him because yoshi's ending is much saner (I guess for all of us) than bryan's ending.

But yeah, we really don't know yet who dies until T6 is out (and Namco can still create a backing story to revive whoever we think died).

About bryan's move, I remember his 3,2,1,4 similar to Bruce so he may be somewhat lined up with bruce's style.

I just want Bryan out! full stop. He's just kinda boring and really ungreatfull, especailly when it comes to thanking people who help and nurse him back to health. Yoshi has all the right to go and seek revenge. But it really ruins his iamge as a helping nija doesnt it? I was a little shocked.

A lot of Fury hating here I see... :D

Characters I wouldn't kick would have to be Yoshimitsu, Nina and Paul - and, well, Bryan, to some extent. Him because I like him, and the rest of the bunch because they've always been there. I would definitely feel that something is missing if one of them didn't make it to the next Tekken.

But, I would very much like to have the animal characters out of the game. They're nothing; just a poor joke.

I would want to make Dr. B and Gon reappear as characters (and a really challenging one to use)...:D

I guess for the main characters, it sure will feel "a lot less" tekken if they were gone. The others could just hide / re-appear from time to time...

On a side note: Were they really the only characters that qualify to the tournament or are there many of them but just not "emphasized" in the game?

There are very few characters I really dislike and I feel they need to be changed.

1. Bruce - Please, this guy is really boring. Why did he even come back? I wish he'd be replaced with a character that's a little bit more exciting. Namco got it right the first time when they swapped Bryan for him in Tekken 2.

2. Baek - See Bruce.

3. Lili - Yet another underage girl... I really don't understand why she was even created to begin with. I don't like this brat.

4. Christie - Eddy was better than this, there is no reason she should have even been brought in.

I think Kuma can go to the zoo for a while...an indeterminate while...same for Panda.

Same for the Jacks...

I'd keep Bryan and Raven in, though, just so Yoshi has someone to totally pwn.


Koga said: I see troubled teens enough in real life.
hah hah, you really made me laugh. :)

And Koga said this too: A lot of Fury hating here I see...
And Christie hating too, I see.

Characters I hate: 1.Jin, Kazya and other Misshima and Kashama. They are always so "perfect". They are always the winners, it can be predicted. That doesn't give me any satisfaction 'cause I like that someone would be a winner this time and the other next time. You see my point?

Neither Eddy Nor Christie

I agree with you Tora, the animals really need to get the boot. They're all too cudly and clumsy to be good fighters, their only good fighters cause of their animal strengths.