RPG game - please read and leave a comment!!!

clar380 : Do you know what just crossed my mind? RPG, what does it satnd for? Im sorry for not knowing but I didn't think to ask until now.

Please, Clar as well as the rest of you. Don't apologize for asking a question. Everyone is in their rights of asking about stuff they don't know. At least - such is my humble opinion.

RPG means, as Perodious says, a Role Playing Game, meaning that you for example play the role of a made up character.

Please - feel free to ask anything you desire - and that goes for all of you. Questioning is the only way of gaining knowledge - Those are my words of wisdom for today :D

EDIT: Okay - as i spoke of in my previous post, i'd like some profiles about our RPG-characters.

Therefore, i'm making a profile scheme eveyone can copy/paste and fill out. Just so everyone is left with their desired character - which was the original idea to start with (With explanations), thus giving the authors a better insight.

Name: Your characters real name (e.g. Paul, Bill)
Nick/Aka: Your characters nick/also-known-as (e.g. The Beast)
Race: Human or something else.
Gender: Male or female?
Age: Your characters age?

Hair: Your characters hair color (Add in hairstyle if you desire)
Eyes: Your characters eye color (e.g. Clar being this Shadow form, might grant him purple eyes?)
Height: How tall are your character? (Both metres and feet is appreciated)
Weight: How much does your character weight? weight (Both kilos and pounds is appreciated.)
Build: How's your characters body build? (e.g. Slender or strongly build)
Notes: A horn in your forehead? Wings?

Melee: How good are your character in hand to hand combat? (Swords, knives etc.)
Ranged: How good are your character in ranged combat (Guns, bows etc.)
Force: Does your character have any special abilities? (e.g psychic, demonic or magical powers.)
Skills: Does your character have any special skills? (e.g. knowledge of explosives, fast fingers etc.)
Strength: How strong are your character? (e.g. Being big an strong he might lack agility)
Dexterity: How fast and agile are your character? (Opposite of above)
Weakness: Even Superman got a flaw - which is yours?
Experience: How experienced are your character? (e.g. A tough veteran, or a young rookie learning his way?)

Traits: What are your char's charcteristics like? (e.g. Calm/considered/temperemental/kind/hateful/shy/humorous etc.)
Quirks: Does your character have some peculiarities/oddities? (e.g. Likes blood, smokes, "bad/weird habits" etc.)
Flaws: Does your character have any personal flaws? (e.g. Fear, short fuse, nervous, traumas, bad concentration, etc.)

Note; if you have got ideas, you're welcome to make a suggestion!
Furthermore: If you have got any questions, feel free to ask.

When you make your character, try not to make it too overdimensioned (i.e. add some flaws, keep your character balanced; both raw strength and agility/melee and ranged combat often don't mix together.). Balance between both all of the characteristics and other players are essential for a reasonable game.
I'd suggest keeping everything at a minimum, thus allowing your character to evolve and develop throughout the story.
NPC's (non-player characters) such as 'the Dark Lord Behemoth' may be kept overpowered, godlike and nearly immortal - just for the thrill.


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Great!! Now we can finall make our characters more in-depth.

UnkownDNA, give me your brain! lol.
I'll be posting my character details soon.

Your worst nightmare

sounds like a plan, im for it (still) will have to think of the character traits now, easily it will be modelled after me but with better skills :D

Name: Clar Three Eighty (^_^)
Nickname/aka: Clar380
Race: Half human, half evil creature (doesn't know, don't tell him)
Gender: Male
Age: 23

Hair: Long black, tied
Eyes: Brown-ish black
Height: 182m (metres)
Weight: 81kg (Kilograms)
Build: Well built, but under-nourished lol
Notes: rosey cheeks

Melee: Adept at using katana and kitchen knives
Ranged: Fairly accurate with shuriken, abysmal with bow and arrows
Force: uses magicks of the void, has dark evil side with immense power
Skills: an expert at cursing in many tounges, plays the piano lol
Strength: Normal strength, but can be channelled
Dexterity: agile and deceptive-evasive
Weakness: His mind and memory

Traits: He's extremely forgetful, has a hard tie making decisions. He's nuerotic.
Quirks: Has two personalities: Evil and good. His concious talks to him and he likes to talk to himself when alone
Flaws: He's too rash and runs into things without thinking, he can't run and jump at the same time, he can't spell well enough and he has bad handwritting.


Beautiful - just beautiful.

- Guys, i'll look into this some other time. I've been abit busy lately. Too much thinking and too little time...

So no worries :)

Thanks Unknown...

I made him like that so it gives him character.

Your character is really tall clar (182m). Wow!:D

Ok here's my profile (taken from the DTPA thread):

Name: (Unknown)
Nickname/aka: IHTNC
Race: Human (with Divine powers from the "Higher ups")
Gender: Male
Age: 21

Hair: Bald (like a monk)
Eyes: Pale Green
Height: 1.91 m
Weight: 75 kgs
Build: Quite skinny, but well-developed muscles
Notes: Wears reading glasses both for style and vision. :D Always has a toothpick in his mouth.

Melee: Deadly with a Katana or toothpicks
Ranged: Uses a variety of guns (and toothpicks) for ranged combat.
Force: Can use different powers depending on the ability temporarily given by the High order above.
Skills: Can shoot toothpicks accurately, Whirlwind Slash (think of it as random swings of the sword :D), loves to play Tekken 2.
Strength: Average strength but can be boosted depending on the divine powers used.
Dexterity: May look tranquil but has good agility. Left handed.
Weakness: Only good at one-on-one duels. Don't have the stamina for long battles.

Traits: Calm, prefers being alone.
Quirks: Can't express his thoughts well.
Flaws: Terrible at singing :D, can't remember names correctly. Easily gets tired.

lol, it's meant to be 1.82m. lol. gosh im silly

Your character is almost the opposite of mine. lol.

Great to see some schemes - this will surely be useful!

Hey, guys! - i'm still alive! :D

I'll soon add some stuff in - but i'm kinda held up at the current. Sorry for the inactivity the past two (or is it three?) weeks. I haven't had the necessary state of mind lately due to the time of year, lack of sleep and some personal stuff too. Sorry!

But, hey - don't let your hopes fade. :D

@ Clar
Eya - thanks for your mail, dude - and sorry i haven't replied yet. I'm still working in some of the stuff we've discussed. But i'm counting on having a reply ready soon!


There was an rpg game in YOT long time ago... just it's a very tiring work to set it all up. Give me some time. :) I'm still looking for best option.

Tenshimitsu : There was an rpg game in YOT long time ago... just it's a very tiring work to set it all up. Give me some time. :) I'm still looking for best option.
Greetings, Tenshi - good to see you back.

- I'm still abit corious about what went on with the hacking of our site? Was it easily fixed and such?

name: Fastlegs of fury
nickname: Fastlegs
Type: human
Gender: female
age: 18

hair: short spiked brown hair
eyes: bule
Height: 155 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Build: aveage, but not a lot of muscle
Notes: always wears black new style sunglasses, likes to wear sport black freely movable gear and has two 4mm gold plated studs in her ears.

1) runs fast.
2) rolls eyes up in to back of her head to make unual things happen.

Golden Gun (just like the one in the 007 game goldeneye)
Green LightSaber (Star Wars style:D)

can't make up any good names when taking the piss out of someone

always talks, but knows when to shut up
likes listing to music
always trys to cheer someone up when they are down
does not like being alone

type of pet: sidekick dragon
Powers: can bring human beings back to life and has fire which can not be put out with water.
weakness: hate's to see Fastlegs get hurt(he is very easy too upset)

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Unknown DNA :
Name: Unknown
Nickname/aka: The Beast
Race: Unknown - Once a human
Gender: Male
Age: 23

Hair: None
Eyes: Red - glowing when angry
Height: 2,10m (metres)
Weight: 120kg (Kilograms)
Build: Wide above the shoulders, short around the waistline
Notes: Deamonic appearance; Black skin, spikes sticking out from the shoulders, back and ties. Thick carapace-like hide around arms and legs, shoulders and back.

Melee: Pure melee fighter - Uses his claws and fangs for melee
Ranged: Nothing special - might throw rocks?
Force: Improoved psysical abilities - it's both fierce and deadly in close quarters.
Skills: Sharpened senses - can easily sense the prescence of others nearby.
Strength: Deamonic strenght - a strong blow from it's claws can with ease rip off ones head.
Dexterity: Very agile - fast enough to vanish before the naked eyes. Can easily climb walls etc.
Weakness: It's mind is enslaved by the will of the Dark Lord 'Behemoth'.

Traits: Corrupted from the curse and will of the Dark Lord he has no real personality of his own - he's alomst mind-less. He's behaviour is much like a beast-predator, seeking a pray. Sometimes, when struggling for control of the deamon inside him, his true, kind-hearted, vigorous personality shows.
Quirks: Has two personalities: Evil and good - just like Clar, but in his case (from the Dark Lords corruption) nearly no control of his good.
Flaws: Is driven by the Dark Lord and therefore has no will of his own. Gaining control is an immense internal struggle, and staying in control of the evil entity is a hopeless endeavour.


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Name: Marius Silverwind

Nick/Aka: The Silent Sword

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 22


Hair: Long, dark and messey, often falling about his face and annoying him

Eyes: Brown

Height: 1.78m

Weight: 63Kgs

Build: Thin, sickly

Notes: Always wears a red ribbon tied to his right arm


Melee: Ever since childhood, Marius showed a keen intrest in swordplay, especially using the longsword.
Even though the people around him ridiculed him for beng weak and scrawny, he still practiced, day in, day out,
honing his use of the blade. Now, it is that practice (among other deeds ((which is of course, a diferent story))) and his
shadowy, thin appearance, which have led to his nickname 'The Silent Sword. He also has a strange
fondness for Drunken Kung Fu, though his skills in it are rather...lacking.

Ranged: Pathetic ranged skills. He'd be lucky to land a dart on a dart board from a metre away.

Force: Infra-Vision (Night sight)

Skills: Quick reflexes. Can be very, very quiet.

Strength: Rather weak.

Dexterity: Agile, though lacking the stamina to keep moving quickly for long periods of time.

Weakness: Easily hurt emotions, quick to temper due to childhood memories.


Traits: Quiet, untalkative. Finds it hard to say anything when theres more then a couple of people around.

Quirks: Has a sadistic streak.

Flaws: Quick temper, too shy.

Ummm Unkown? Should we start a new thread? Cause Im getting really tired of the pages in the DTPA thread vanishing.

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