RPG game - please read and leave a comment!!!

Hello, all!

Throughout my time here at the yTS, i've encountered lots of great folks - both boys and girls, and had my part in several threats and such.
- But one of these threats really caught my attention!

Some months ago, some crazy person got the idea of making this "Destroy the poster above"-threat which has been one huge source of inspiration, learning and not the least - fun!!!

I've really enjoyed "exploring" this imaginary text based world of mass-killing, fantasy-massacre, and, likewise, putting an efford into my posts (expanding them from "Bang, you're dead - haha!" into half a page of blood-shed) - well, some of the time that is.
Some months ago, jfdhfjug, as he calls himself, (never really figured out what that name is all about - lol!) PM'ed me with an interesting suggestion.
- A text based RPG!

But like too many other good ideas we never got much further than the talking of this. So i've decided to slam my fist into the table, and break the habit - this idea is just too good to skip.
Therefore, i'd like to hear from all of you loyal yTS members what you think of this idea!

Note that it's far from developed, and nothing has yet been determined - only discussed. This is, of course where you enter the picture!
I'm imagining it could be lots of fun and entertaining, if everyone put just a little effort into this - if it ever comes to be that is!!!

Well... We were thinking of this as, like i mentioned above, some kind of text based RPG game - abit like "Destroy the poster above" sometimes are. But this time with a little more structure to it - such as a determined time period, enviroment (Are we battling throughout the old middle age in hand-to-hand combat with swords, shields & magical powers, laying in the mud in some trench during World War II, or perhaps far out, in outer space, fighting out alien monsters with laser guns, light sabres) etc, etc.

The thing that really draws me near that D.T.P.A. Threat is that it really never dies! Theres always some crazy person showing up, leaving a kick-ass, post of how he slew the enemy.
Maybe D.T.P.A. Will remain as it is, or maybe people will agree to mine and jf...(Well, whatever his name is)'s idea, and perhaps find out how we manage to create such an idea.

Well, before i go any further, explaining all about my thought on this, i'd be pleased if you could give me alittle feedback of what you think of this - even throw in your ideas for this game of ours.

With kind regards,

Dear UnknownDNA

I agree with you. Although I am incapable of writting a million word essay i feel that RPG would be a real good idea. We all like the destroy the poster above thread but I feel it is a little bit dull; with no sense of time or reality but nonetheless funny.

I realised that you tried to bring the RPG game into the destroy the poster abpve thread and i tried to carry it on but it was an abysmal failure on my part and all the other peoples in this here site *point s at screen*.
I also posted in jfdhgfjug's (what ever it is) forum, the RPG game one. but it seemed to have died before the world could be created. I think it would be a wonderful idea if only we (the loyal yoshi obsessed) would try. I know i tried.

Yours un-sincerely (lol)

there was a reather clever RPG game on the old forum before this one, that wa text and game based, like a final fantasy style rpg game that u actually played. i would like to see that again but it seems more likely that the normal text based RPG will be used as some of the higher authorised people who run the site are busy wih a tekken tournament soon, and thier actual lives. but i'm all for it

This is a nice idea and I tried to add some more on the D.T.P.A. thread. (though I admit I really don't have a creative mind like yours when it comes to textual descriptions or plots)

I believe there are text-based games before and I think there are still some out there. Though I haven't played those type of games before, I think it's good to sometimes use our imagination to "see" the game instead of the visuals modern games offer today.

A text-based RPG would be great (provided it was given enough support).

Also, I would love to see that RPG game on this forum before as Kazuya says.

I'm a bit confused at the moment, but i'll try to answer your posts anyways :P

The DTPA is pure blood-shed-in-text-format - no rules, no frames, nothing. And thats what people likes. It don't require nothing. But thats just cool!

My long posts actually came from many things - partly taking up an earlier post, partly because i like to play around with words and emagination. I'm always learning while i write n' "create". To be frankly, I never had a single english lession in my life, and my english is lacky. In fact, when i write in DTPA, i have my trusted dictionary at my side.

People, you don't have to be THAT creative - it's just for fun, and if it dies, it dies. I'd, at least, try to do my best. It's just a question of leaving options to follow up on, and put a little time into it.

The magic of DTPA is that you can do whatever you please.
In the real life, i've been trying out some RPG game,s nad to be frankly i'm bored from these - cause there you have like 200 rules to it. And many of those choke options! They're just not fit to me.
Like vampire for example. You got a scheme of how your char is like - but the game is based on vampires. You CAN'T be anything else than a blood-sucking undead. And that's just not me!
"I wanna be a beast - a werewolf"
"But you can make a beast-like vampire"
"NO! i wanna play as my beast! period!"
"But the rules says that you can't!"
"Argh, fuck it! Back to DTPA!!!"

Okay, okay - maybe i'm talking this too far. But the idea of this RPG game just attracts me! But i can't do it all alone. Or i could, but thats not very inspiring or challenging! :P

I'd very much like you guys on this idea. And i'd fit it into what you guys like.

*kneels down, and begs!*

Well - maybe i'm talking this too far, i don't know? :D


I agree, it would be impossible to do it alone. We should try rallying as much members as possible to help us begin the age of RPG.

Indeed we should. But the question is just if people are willing to put that little efford into it, or they just perfeer the typical "Bang, you're dead" reply like in DTPA.

Well, i'm having my fun making up these crazy stories. I've even used like two and a half hour writing a reply to the DTPA this morning.

But as for this RPG-stuff i've spoken of, i'm ready to spit in a little efford, and do whatever i can to make it work. Of course, people are diffrent, and as i spoke of in my previous post, i feel rules often choke the fun. But i do have my ideas of how i want a possible RPG universe to be like.

If we debate stuff like enviroment, time and, perhaps leaves stuff like entities/races completely optional we might end up with having everyone's desires filled. But then again - what if two people want two enviroments or time ages. Well - democracy for the win, right? :D

Totally, there should be some form of a voting system to decide ideas. But the character types and all those entity stuff should be fully open. To shorten my response i say "Yay" to all you've just said in the above poster.

even the DTPA has boundries (that have been crossed from time to time) those boundries state that you "destroy" the poster above and at times the poster above doesn't die in a post. although this boundry was crossed it hasn't caused any harm and the rpg should have simular boundries, set as a guideline but not uncrossable leaving many options open for disscussion. as far as charicters/races/species they should be free to be anything somewhat reasonable as to the setting of the rpg. if your charicter is a western gunslinger in a japaneese edo era setting you would need a in-depth explanation as to how such things are possible giving people the ability to build their dream charicters and have their very own background stories. DNA I commend you for making this post whereas i dove head first into this project and came up with nothing. this should give us more information and sort-of advertise so that when and if the RPG is created it will have the support that it needs to survive .. thank you again and you will be hearing from me personally soon!!

Hey, guys,

Sorry i haven't replied earlier. I've had a visitor the last couple of days. But i'll be replying sooner or later when i got the time.

Until then - peace!


I cant think of anything to wirte, it'll come soon. lol

EDIT: a day later! lol

We should just kind of incorporate RPG into DTPA thread, like i do. Of course we can keep killing each other normally, but also continue the story.

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Fabolous idea, Clar :D

Lets do just that ;D

Ok, ok - But a thing i'd like from all of you is something like something of a character scheme. I've got some ideas of how i emagine this to look like, and it gives a better idea of how you want yourself to be like.

Maybe you even have a screenshot of your chacatcer or similar.

Beforee you post any replies to this post, i'd like to EDIT and post in my idea of such a scheme.

Furthermore i want you all to think of enviroments you'd like in our story. I'm thinking something like the envioroment from Naruto. An enviroment that is a thing of the past, but yet, still remains present.

(To all of you who does not know of Naruto, it is a japanese anime series - a story about a young boy training in the arts of the ninja. They're somewhat a reserved community, and hence, does not know much about the world outside. Could be ideal for our story?)

Do you know what just crossed my mind? RPG, what does it satnd for? Im sorry for not knowing but I didn't think to ask until now.

I can help you here :), RPG stands for Role Playing Game. Examples of these games are: Final Fantasy Series... uuh thats all I know.

Thanks Perodious, i thought it was real people game or something like that.:D