Your custom character recipes.

Here, we can compile all the nice recipes that are imaginable in Clar380's Book of Character Recipes. I'm hoping that a topic like this has never come up here, and if not it should be interesting.... *twiddles fingers*.

But first, there has to be some sort of a format to how we should put our recipes eg: a full-spoon of sugar etc. lol.

Your recipe should be set like this.

Recipe for Clar380's Kunimitsu.

Gender: Female
Character type: Ninja

Head: Fox Mask, 11.13
Hair: Shaggy layered, 02.19
Mask: ------
Chin: ------
Lower Torso: Body suit, 01.14
Mid Torso: Shirt with frills, 01.14
Upper Torso: Ashigaru armour, 02.19
Arms: Hawk Talons, 02.19
Shoulders: Samurai sleeves, 02.19
Neck: ------
Waist: Scale body band, 01.14, 02.20
Lower legs: ------
Upper legs: Clown skirt:, 02.20, 01.14
Shins: ------
Socks: Knee socks, 01.14
Feet: Scale Leggings, 02.21

Face: whatever (mask covers it)
Eyebrows: as above
Lips: as above
Eyes: as above
Skin: 10.21
Underwear: 36.21

As for the voice, I chose the old woman voice cause it made her sound strange.

please sombody post your recipes because I'm getting really bored of my own.

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I'm still trying to make Tekken Yoshi.

I've made Jin before.
-There is a hair style the same as his (make black)
-Dragon pants I think they're called (flames on, make red)
-If there're foot pads have them red, if not use red socks
-There are gauntlets similar to his (make red)

-Purple pants
-Yellow gloves and boots
-Jaguar mask

Both should be gladiators with grieve edge.

Apparently, you can make Kagekiyo! (I love him! <3) I don't know how exactly, but here's a picture!

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In Sc4 I usually always use hakama pants, no shirt, and a mask of some sort, the hair will be spiked or mohawk :P I haven't played in a long time though I should start again I just need 2 more impossible achievements to do

Edit: and of course, I always use Yoshi as my base character :P

Oooh, i havent done sc in a while. Maybe i will do some SoulBlade, yet their is no yoshimitsu in that one. Ill post any costumes i come up with.