What WOULD you like for Yoshi?

Well, I've always wished you could switch from Meditation to DGF. That would be awesome. You whack someone away from you, and sit down. They come towards you and try to do a low move to get you, but then... DGF!

hihi... hmm, tht wud b cool, but it might take a bit time to do so... like a sittin stance to flying... not that easy....

I would like for Yoshimitsu to fight Scorpion from Mortal Kombat!8)

yoshi would win with ease...

Don't forget he can turn invisible and teleport

[/yoshi would win with ease...
Don't forget he can turn invisible and teleport]

I wouldn´t count out Scorpion that fast, and Yoshi might think the same

Definitely more hand to hand techniques. At least a more unique moveset in NSS instead of giving him imitations :P

I mean it's cool that he can put his sword away and everything and that he's got some cool unique NSS techniques, but why make him put his sword away if he practically fights the same.

I mean Mutei no Kiwami is good to have, but many don't bother using it because theirs really nothing unique about it, but the fact that Flash has more range and a few unique things like NSS d/f+1, 2, NSS KIN 1 - which has poor range and it's very unsafe., and NSS 2, 1.

I defend with Yoshi in NSS a lot, but IDK, I wish to see more unique hand to hand combat out of Yoshi. I mean k'mon what's NSS F+D,N,D+F+1, it's the same WSS F+D,N,F+1 just with his hand. IDK it's just silly.

Yoshi deserves better, we all know it. He's low tier but he's got plenty of potential as a low tiered character.

More unique options and mixups for Mutei No Kiwami Namco! :D
That would also be a plus :)

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Yoshimitsu is known as...

The space ninja

The protector of the poor


Leader of the Manji clan

The forest master


What more could you ask for?:D