What WOULD you like for Yoshi?

An increased frame window on "cancelable" f+3+4, so u can "cancel" it even after it hits opponent.

there are a few moves in tekken that has this kind of property such as Chreddy's ss+3>b, b+3>f. If Yoshi has that, it would make his f+3+4 one of the most interesting attacks in his movelist. :)

f+3+4 with extended cancel would be great... as well as being able to hit them despite the cancel. The amount of times I've accidentally cancelled somehow and missed a perfect opportunity to hit them... Even though it did hit them... hmm....

Other than that, faster moves. And maybe more revealing. I'm gay for Robotic alien ninjas xD

-well, more flashy moves for yoshimitsu!

-I like yoshimitsu to sometimes use a kunai in some of his moves...

-Nimbus grab in SC4 into Tekken...

-2nd sword attacks while in pogo stance

-yoshimitsu using his cloning powers for juggles (like he will clone himself one at the left and right, then the left one will vanish and continue juggle while at right part)
even though it has hp loss during cloning, its ok but not excessive...

-fubuki controlled ( i mean, you could choose if yoshimitsu will turn back or still face front... although the other one will have a different button combination)

well, thats that for me!

I think it might be cool to have another member of his clan with a slightly different style and maybe some of Kuni's moves from TTag.. They spend so much time on the other characters and expanding their stories, I want a character that is directly tied to Yoshi, besides Bryan (what a punk). Sorry to any Bryan fans out there, but come on...Don't bite the hand that feeds you, jerk!! And I totally agree with vijay, Yoshi's spiritual division was by far the coolest throw he's ever had. I would love to see that come back.

hmmmm, the only characters related to yoshi are...

-dr. bosconovitch
-Ling Xiaoyu

my doubt for tekken 6-console version... alisa will be related with yoshi, since alisa was made by Dr B... hmmmmm, also, Devil jin, unsure about this, but, thats what I saw in the trailer! :D

GO YOSHI! :yes

This to happen, i would like :P


Hmm... There's lots of things I'd like for Yoshi.

But I just want what Namco will give. After all, they do all the research in building his character and all the complex associations to it.

I would like to see more artworks and pictures of him. :D

yes Sum, we need more yoshi artwork... ^^

haha, i admire most Yoshi CG Arts... i cant explain why i love them... :D

Yoshi nd the manjis shud have a animated series.... ;) ... lol

My wish for Yoshimitsu would be a cool nekomimi (cat ears) costume... somehow, I feel I would be the only one who would appreciate this though :dozingoff

cat ears??.. u mean like Kunimitsu kinda mask??

Oooooh...well that's a fox though isn't it?? So those ears would be 'kitsunemimi'... hehehe. How about a nice Hello Kitty mask...erm, okay, even I know that would be terrible!! Just the cat ears (they're like, ears on a headband)...

The rest of his costume must remain the usual cool Yoshi stuff...

maybe after the release of a dozen more Tekkens there would b a Yoshi museum of all the costumes he used... ohh, and also a Yoshi zoo for all his creature costumes... like the Soulcalibur 4 costume.... :D:D ..lol

Some more grabs will be great and some more punches too :yes

hmm, i agree.. Yoshi's punches shud hav some varieties..