What WOULD you like for Yoshi?

This was meant to complement clar380's post about what we don't like about yoshi.

So, what would you like for yoshi to have (moves, upgrades, etc) in succeeding tekkens? I'll start off...

> Flea throw (this would be a cool move! can't imagine how yoshi would do it though)
> able to do DGF in mid-air (so you can jump and do DGF or even after being launched in the air from a JS)
> faster moves

- More teleportations, ? la Raven.
- A little more revealing outfit...
- Wall-climbing moves, ? la Taki in Soul Calibur
- The thermo-optical camoflauge :D

Kogamitsu : - A little more revealing outfit...

By that i hope you don't mean revealing, in the sense that yoshimitsu 2 might put it. hehehehe.

I'd like him to have a standing up teleport move, that super dragonfly move from soul calibur, um... some ranged moves like he thows knives or something and make him more nija-rie.

1.Back Throw Changed to something that look like spiritual Division from T3...I really Love spiritual Division.. not that i dont like rainbow drop but its not as good as Spiritual Division.....
2.More of the Ninja Moves...some thing like a fast slice .....or Shrunks or another sword for some special Move ...
3.A Very Nice Unblockable in Dragon Fly
4. how about yoshi Jumping from Deathcopter.. sound funny and might be quite Useful...Falling from that high..Kool

That would be a cool move, he can then drop and slash with his sword (just like what he did with bryan on his ending)!

It will be really cool too if he can walk while doing the b,b+1~1 move.

I think I've seen that spiritual division you're talking about, I think it's performed when you throw an opponent facing sideways in T3.

Yes I want that Side Throw To become Back Throw:D



- More options from stances - like throws, natural BT buffs, evade moves etc.

- Little more range from some moves, and a slight damage increase - at least on CH.

Funny I am somewhat expecting Yoshimitsu 2 to post here, cause she IS yoshi's wife (or so she claims :D)

Maybe she was satisfied already?:p

I was just about to say that, Yoshimitsu 2 is a funny character i must admit, and it seems my sister slapped her eg, *slap!*.

- A little more revealing outfit...

WHAT! Yoshi would not reveal himself to anyone but me LOL:D

Lol. Over-reacting. I meant like he could reveal a little leg skin or something. lol.

(nabijam posty:D spamieeeee)

Koga says:
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(1) Moonsault option from Flea stance
(2) df A, B combo from SC2/3.
(3) Definitely Super Dragonfly
(4) Teleport from Meditation
(5) A move where he leaps forward, sword held against his body, then spins clockwise, slicing his opponent, then comes full circle, slicing again in case the first one missed. Oh, and it'd be an attack throw on counter, something like the Oni Killer throw.
(7) More decent lows
(8 ) A f+1+2 that has more range and less recovery time
(9) Much less recovery time on f,f+4
(10) A costume based on his T1 1P costume, but this time with decent graphics.


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Toramitsu : (10) A costume based on his T1 1P costume, but this time with decent graphics.

ummm... he has one. look at his tekken 4 2p outfit.

Someperson :
Toramitsu : (10) A costume based on his T1 1P costume, but this time with decent graphics.

ummm... he has one. look at his tekken 4 2p outfit.

No, that just looks substantially like his T1 1P costume. I mean a direct upgrade, just higher polygon count, and maybe more textural detail.