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i have a mohawk now i should post it some time

Hello :)

Down here is a cosplay I did 2 years ago, when I wanted to create my own personal version of a Kunimitsu or Yoshimitsu like cosplay, but failed :(
This was my own personal styled Manji clan member type of thing lol

Halloween 2 years ago ^_^

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Those look kinda cool, actually...

Here's me, at Starbucks.

And here's me dressed as a kunoichi for last Halloween. :P

And here's me dressed as a Christmas elf! :D

well this is what i look like now besides the red hair thingy

I like your jacket. :)

thanks I suppose :D

did I change? well, here I am again...

hehe, skateboard!!! xD

Wow! You look so young! :p

well Aozame32... i really am young... just 15 yrs old now...

btw, nice halloween costume... its so cool! :D

Thanks! :D

Percy and me :)

I know you have snakes, spiders, lizards, and a dog but how many animals do you actually have :/

Here is me...and my Yoko plushie<3(from tengen toppa gurren lagann Take a look of that anime it's good!) Dunno if i look like boy but really i'm not XD

cool it seems people are into this but just a thought what if are is stalkers around here not that I worry that much but still there is maybe to often some guests no matter what time it is :/