Our Photos...

This is me and some random baby :D

lol, 'random baby'. :D

welcome, man :D

My playing T6 hehe.

Note: This spot is never empty lol

Cool! Even photo evidence! Man, why didn't I have the sense to take a photo when I saw T6?? Wish I had. Though I was too busy making a scene... cheering when someone chose Yoshi and of course, shouting out obscenities at this button basher who used Lily (grrr.. where was his self-respect and dignity? Tell me that?)... No.. actually not 'at' him, I would never shout directly at someone, that would be mean... but I was rather vocal in repeating 'lily sucks'... now and then.. and other words to the same affect that I wont repeat here (do you remember Sumsamurai? Did I mention Yoshi and cutting Lily an extra..... I seem to think I probably did... :p) anyway, thanks for the pic... nice to see that you're using our man!!! :)

the only good recent pictures i have of me are shirtless, i was drunk with a bunch of friend and we took alot of pictures by a fence in some backyard XD, so if people want to see me, they must be ok with the shirtless thingy :P

this might sound stupid.. How do i post a pic? :blush (im not that good at computers)

Ok so this is me and my girlfriend when we both got perfect 100% scores on guitar hero on expert with the controller1487-kirsten and i both got one hundred percents on closer by lacuna coil on expert.jpg[/pfs]And this is me sleeping with one of our cats[pfs]1487-cimg1109.jpg

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Hey Everyone! I'm new to the site =) Just wanted to say what's up and post a pic


there thats me, probly drunk.

edit: i cant see it myself for now so i dont know if it work, i'm not using the computer i use normally

Yeah, chilla! :D
U do have a weird look...like something´s blinding...just..it´s night XD
I won´t post shirtless pics of me here though, cuz I don´t want to make y'all jealous :yes
hahahaha...just kidding ^^
Ever heard of Head Hunters??
That´s my reason...although facebook and similar stuff is already kinda fussy :P
On the other hand, before I´ll apply, years will pass by!
What a rhyme :D
So I can chillax actually

well i had my contact on, and thanks i love looking weird and original :P

-Kagekiyo: being unique eh? hahahaa!!!

well, thats me after the PD concert with, uhhh, how can I explain who she is? :D
uhhh, maybe a secret... :D ^^

ANYWAY! im the one wearin black, and, just ignore the extra girl there at the right part...

well, thats me!!! hehe

Yoshimattsu may already know how I look, also Gattsu, and Sum :D

-Kagekiyo: woah!! so that's you...
-Coilover: welcome to YOT! :D
-Grey: yo!! proud to play T6 eh? hehe...
-Yoshimattsu: well, yeah, basically saw ya already, hehe...

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It's nice to see people being brave and posting pics. I should think about getting some new ones up but.. i'm not so good with technology. Think Sumsamurai may need to help me to do it :D HEEEEEEEELP MEEEEEEEE!!!

Hehehe... And Kage.. if you DO ever visit Gattsu in Germany, will you come to the airport dressed exactly like that?? Even without the shirt??.. just you'll be easier to recognise then!!! Hehehehe

if you wish jembru, if you wish :P