Rpg Game

-Setting: Japaneese Edo Era
-Charicters: Ninjas, Samurai, Emperial Guards, Manji Clans Members, Mercenaries, Assasins, Rogues, ect...
-Weapons: Swords, Polearms, Early One-Shot Rifles, Bow/Arrows, Ect...

PRELUDE: It is nearing the eno of the Edo Era and the Emporer has become a puppet for annoymous benifactors who have twisted his will and turned him against his people. The taxes have been raised, guards patrol the streets arresting anyone who speaks out about the injustices that have befallen them. They farmers and mechants cower in fear giving no resistance as their buisnesses are looted by the Emperial Guards. The only ones who would dare fight against the tyrant are rogues, mecenaries, assasins who kill all who dare try their patiance, ninjas and samurai who uphold the ways of the old code fighting for the weak and standing up for those who can't on their own, and the manji whos teaching are a mystery and actions are unknown. Yet others lurk in the shadows with wills of their own waiting fot the time to reveal themselves. Who will stand against the emperor, who will side with the spreading darkness, and who is just out for themselves only time will tell.

A samurai living life day by day upholding the old code. He stals in the shadows slaughtering Emperial soldiors and giving their wares back to the townspeople. Though he must kill to survive his intentions are well intended though mistaken as barbaric and uncontrolable. He had flat black scale armor across his chest and arms with metal lined wrist guards for sword fights. He carries a dual bladed katana, and a kodachi at his side, along with a few kunai and homemade explosives for tight spaces. Although he normally keeps to himself he has temperarily allied himself with a mercenary at times to complete large scale raids. He resides in a cabin made in a group of dense foliage hidden to anyone with a tainted heart.

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Im sorta not sure but is this like making up characters and stuff? I'll try.


Trained in mystic arts of the Ninja. Karimatsuri, with his dipped ninjato at his back, his shuriken tucked safely away and his face hidden; travels in search for the meaning to life. He, as a ninja, answers only to the highest bidder for he is an assasin. He would sneak into your room at night, wake you and ask you for the meaning of life and why there is so much suffering in the world; then only to tell you he is there to end your suffering so that he can have his next meal when he gets paid. He'd also visit you in the light hours just to see if your dead and ponder if he could somehow have done a better job. He could poison your tea, curse you, capture you and then torture you for knowledge or simply thrust his ninjato through your heart. You really can't tell waht he wants, but you can be sure that he is there to end your life.

Well anyway, is that waht we're supposed to write? That sorta thing?

PS: Mercenary is spelt with a 'C', not 'S'.

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well sort-of, after a few more people create and introduce their charicters a type of world developes and everybody begins to socialize, and interact with each other staring conflicts, aiding in tasks, and the game will become quite envolved. but it takes more people to get it going