What DON'T you like about Yoshi?

I think one of my only issues with Yoshi are the unpredictability of some of his moves....Sometimes they work and sometimes, even in the same situation, they won't. It can be frustrating at times, but it also keeps things interesting...I enjoy a challenge and most people know if you're in a tournament, and you're playing with Yoshi, there's a good chance you're not a noob.

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-Not included enough in the storyline
-Could be quicker

is japanes voice ><

I really miss some more punches...effective ones without having to sidestep :P
And yeah, could be a lil quicker sometimes...

I mean, come on! Who´s gonna fall for shark attack!? It´s a cool move though -.-

yeah, thats what yoshi needs...

i found out that, his moves needs some more, quickness, or, anything, that'll make him faster...

for a master ninja, he's not that fast, to be honest... so, careful timing really is needed...

I don't know if any of you had played Tekken 4, but some of his winning animations were a bit silly. The one that have in mind is the one when he kinda swings his sword around his head and goes "HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR", followed by one of his phrases.

Nothin at all!

He`s never let me down exept for a few costumes.
To tell you the truth some are totally wacko!:satisfied

he lacks speed ... for a ninja

His flash range in BR. It upsets me greatly!!

I despise two things.....

Being a totally unforgiving character, meaning if you screw up a tactic or such, youre options are nill and youre going to see nearly 1/4th of your lifebar vanish.

And secondly, the fact that 90% of his Sword moves are unblockable. Yeah, that would be cheap, but seriously!! How the hell do you block a sword strike?!?!


you mean 90% are blockable sai!

there are certainly a lot more sword moves this game, but the effectiveness of some of them can be questioned.

I agree with Tenshi, they shouldn't have messed with his flash properties!! I don't want to sacrifice speed for range by switching to NSS everytime!! I shouldn't have to! I think they made some changes for the better with Yoshi, and I hope we will see that these were merely preliminary changes made to introduce a new style and method of yoshi play and maybe he will be launched to high tier in T7!!!

once u accidentally Flea walk, you will be spending the next 60 frames walking forward.

.... sounds stupid? yup.

@Matt: yea, I do agree with that... but as of now, I consider NSS as the old style of Yoshi coz its very similar tot eh style of Yoshi before, but somewhat limited in some way... yeah, the two modes may confuse the player coz he has a different move set in NSS and properties of some moves differ in NSS, its actually quite hatd(for me) to switch back and forth with NSS and Normal WSS(with sword stance)

Make some sexy ninja/samurai costume. Give us the looks .... Not the tier..