What DON'T you like about Yoshi?

It's simple. Talk about what ever you Don't like about yoshi, anything. Don't be afraid, there must be something you don't like about him/her (???), even if we are totally obsessed with the fella. Oh, this might be a bit blasphemous on my part, but there has to be someone to break the ice if a topic like this hasn't come up before.

Hmmm... good question...:con

Let's see here are some, taken from my "yoshi upgrade wish list"
> his unblockables are slow (I guess this is for every character as well... but for a sword stab?:no)
> some of his moves are quite slow too despite being a ninja (low agility)

Besides these, I think Im fine with him...

hehehe there is absolutly nothing i dislike about yoshi he is absolutly sexy for a caracter and yes he is mine hehe! He is my sweetheart:love


:):):)That is soo funny yoshimtsu 2. :D how can i not agree with you, this is a site for the yoshi obsessed. lol.

LOL yeh he is the most sexyest game caracter i have ever seen(Hugging piccies and a figure of Yoshi):love

From T5... Yoshi Still hasnt got much moves which may confuse the oppoents. there should have been more move which should hit High or Middle and then go for Low ... just like 3,3 and 3,4
Apart from that I really like to Use Kangaroo Kick but its very slow i think so... any one can block it more over .. vunerabilty is very high when u are going for kangaroo...

Mr Ihope... Unblockables are not that slow... may be sword stab does seems a little bit slow ... but they are quite fast compared to T3? what do u say ?

I agree there should be some more confusing moves or a much "smoother" move switches as this is how yoshi can gain the offensive.

For the roo kick, I agree it's very hard to "getaway" after a failed attempt, but I usually try to "see" what the opponent will do next (as what Tenshi says) and do the roo kick when I think they'll be doing a high-hitting move. That's probably a guaranteed hit.

About the unblockables, I haven't put much thought as to what tekken has faster unblockables but yeah they really are not that slow but still slower that you can get hit (or be dodged).

On second thought, yoshi has a lot of fast unblockables indeed (sword sweep; d+1; u/f+1+2~d; flea; etc), I was thinking of the b,b+1 and the b,b+1+2.

I Agree:(( they have well toned him down on tekken 4. He is like so crap(Looks at her yoshi) Sos babe but it is true LOL:love

What DON'T i like about Yoshi? Hmmm...

Hard question. If i was to point any out, it might be some of his former costumes. Some has been, somewhat, more unlucky than others. But it says little.

About his moves and such? - Well, i like the challenge in playing a character which takes that much more to play properly. Your victories are just so much more... Honorable.

Well - to stay on topic, i have to say call :D

Your avatar cracks me up. why all of a sudden people decide to change their avatars just when i do.

I have no idea, really. But that old one just ain't me. But, hey - yours is pure coolness, Clar.
It really fits your "Location" description, and in fact, was the reason why i decided you just had to be a shadow master. haha...

to clar380: mine is just pure coincidence... I saw one post one day where all avatars looked the same, then I remember I had one pic that suits how I feel that time and used it. Just then I noticed you have changed yours as well.

I feel known. *admires self in mirror*. So, my avatar inspired you to make me a shadow being. Your avatar akes me want to tresspass on private proprety. lol.

Your avatar suits you, dude - it really does. I hope this name counts is just as crazy as that Marvin character.
- Probs! :D

I feel ya, Shadow-Clar! Nothing like gettin' shot to pieces from tresspassing your neightbours garden or such. I do it like every single day.
- Life's just not the same without it... (eh?)

Yeah that Marvin is crazy! I like his oversized head, they're so... round!:D