Your opponent chooses his character, what would you feel?

Allow me to explain a little background about the subject.

You challenged (or were challenged by) another player while playing tekken. He then selects a character (let's say Steve) but he doesn't press any button to confirm it yet. So you go ahead and select yours (Yoshi, of course) and confirms by pressing a button. Then after selecting, he selects another character (let's say Jin). What would you guys feel about that?

Well, for me, it somehow reflects a negative view about their attitude of playing. I know they're good and all, being able to play different characters. I also know that to win, you need to take advantage of the situation, but, I don't know, to me, it's like saying: "Hey, let's play tekken, I'll choose Steve... uhh, okaay... Wait a minute, you chose Yoshi, I changed my mind, I'll use Jin instead because Jin is better against Yoshi than Steve..."

It doesn't really affect my game though, I usually just say to myself: "Let's see how my yoshi go against your character. Bring 'em on!":D

Just want to know how you guys would view this so I can broaden up my perspective a little bit...

I share a similar feeling, although none of my player friends do this anymore. But this happens from time to time, when I play against a stranger. For example, once he highlighted Baek Doo San, but as I highlighted and confirmed Bryan (I know I'm a traitor in here... *shrug*), he chose Christie instead. For the obvious reason.

I think no character is better against some other character than the rest of the colorful bunch, although I have to admit that when fighting the bot, I do have some troubles against certain characters. But when gaming against a human opponent who changes his/her mind on the last minute just because I chose Bryan instead of someone else... it's a little amusing, really. I guess it's the "Come on!"-attitude.

Its a bit frusterating, and I do that to my best friend's nephew because he always pics the same charicter as me, ( he is only 3 ) :) but i will highlight someone then after he picks the person i highlited i change .. kinda sneaky but hey .. it gets annoying when the same charicters are always on the screen .. but when i'm playing someone who can grasp the concept of games like tekken i choose my charicters reguardless of who they pick, if i can't beat them with my favorites then i haven't practiced enough, i guess its just a kinda give me all you got attitude .. i would rather them pick players with an advantage so that i can truely test myself..