well i think you guys can call me longname if ihopethisnamecounts is too long for you...:p

was that sarcasm?

Of course not! i don't really mind what you guys call me (as long as its related to my login name :D). The name just stuck so I used it often.

Besides, I don't want to stir any trouble here or anywhere...

Sorry, I should of put a smiley face next to that. You misunderdtood. :D

No worries, this is a peaceful community after all...:yes

Yea... Apart from the destroy the poster above thread. It's very violent. But totally loveable if that's the correct word.

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Naaa i'm a joystick person also have my own costom Yoshimitsu joystick i got of some guy on the net.

Finally I found a PS2 Emulator which Works Alas but not on my Computer ... any one want .. leave a message

Yes please, could i have a copy

Me too! me too!

EDIT: Great find by the way. Hope that works for me...

Email Me at for PS2 emulator Guys ..

mmmm this is about Joysticks and pads an't it?:dozingoff

we went of topic. besides this topic died about a week ago.

Oooops sorry guys i am new here hehe:blush

Normally, a topic maybe very lucky to last a month before it dies from lack of nutrtion (posts). Usually, we just trail along untill it dies of old age, which is about two months.