Destroy the poster above

Perodius, that's just sick. AND I AM NOT A BOY! After swollowing the vomit, Asa threw it back up and it turned radioactive. Afterwards she served it to Perodius and his stomach bursted open and *POP* out goes an alien. Then the alien calls to home base and aliens take over the Earth and eat Perodius up.


*Noodle revives, sees no human left on the earth.*

*Goes back to hell*

Triumphantly returns after an ardous business trip. Takes a legal stamp and stamps; "Welcome New ppl, to the death board" in their own blood. Horrified, humiliated at being 'newbies', and bleeding, they die of shame.

Straps MCM to a chair and makes him watch countless episodes of the old poke'mon series.
Which sucks. His eyes boil and turn into liquid and Asa holds a frying pan under his head.
She cooks it likes eggs and force feeds Noodlehead the next time he popped out of hell. He
gasps and struggles until he suffocates from the human egg. (Because he can only eat noodles)
I think Asa forgot something. She left MCM's empty head watching Poke'mon. Well that won't do good for his soul...

Oh yeah, Perodius if you see this then I took a wooden spoon and scooped out MCM's brains through
his eye sockets, (previous posts by me) cooked it like spaghetti, served it to you and you starved to death.

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Asa dies of whetever she is smoking.

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One more thing, I'm a newb and I'm damn proud of it!:D Asa takes the smoke and shoved the hot end in his chest, it burns him. Then she blows a puff+bad breath attack at him. He dies and she
shoves the smoke into his coffin and he burns. She shoves him in a nuclear waste dump and his ashes burn. What's left? A burn, charred, mask with a scared impression.

Kirimitsu tries to pin the "I'm a NOOB and I'm PROUD!" button on Asamitsu T-shirt, but presses too hard and impales her lung. Oops..

well its been a while but im back and ready to play so lets
Jfdhfjug *grabs a beaver, a toy car, and a radioactive moose by the time im through kiri is toast*

jfdhfjug never saw me coming from behind with lust filled eyes. lets hope i didnt overdo it. :wink

sicdragon guns down jfdhdjug and f0bzicle with a chain gun......*before they die the last than they hear is a slight voice DEATH*

*jfdhfjug respawns, runs up behind Sic and beats him with his new "Electronic Technition" book cracking open his skull on impact, then goes back to class (crappy ten minute breaks)

I realise that T5DR is coming out, I pop my eyes out in disbelief and by accident laser everyone again.:yes

narrowly dodging deviljin_5's accidental laser attack, jfdhfjug *summons Ifrit gaurdion of h*ll, who's inferno fist attack burns deviljin_5 to a crisp!*

Coming back to the noob thing, Asa wins a campaign for noobs, then all the people in the world who are noobs (There's a LOT) run and trample over the more experienced people. MUAHAHAHA! It's
a noob invasion. Anyone who's above level 10, suck n' die, mortals.