Destroy the poster above

jfjufjug was thinking he was so cool and hard, and began to walk away from the scene. There was suddenly the sound of pipe organ music, a short jingle, and he turned towards the sound. Clouds of dust and awesomeness materialised above the dirt and through the clouds, rose up many arms, and then heads, torsos and finally bodies. An undead army had gathered on the scene.

There were zombie girls, zombie men, zombie dogs and cats and even a zombie rainbow hamster. One zombie wore a Spiderman suit and there was a ninja. Michael Jackson was even there, from his Thriller days, in that cool red jumpsuit.

A girl appeared on the scene, Jembru, and cried out with such delight, 'Oh yey, my darling zombie pets have arrived as planned.'

Jfghghsgshjsgdfhdhh began to step away nervously, his fingers fumbled his weapon. He raised it shakily and shot towards the undead hoard. He hit Bones McGee, a zombie who had long since lost his flesh, and the creature fell to the floor.

Enraged, Ninja Zombie threw his undead death star at jfghthdjskshgj who was instantly stunned upon it's connection with his chest. He dropped his weapon and Jembru's voice sung out again as many undead arms grabbed jfhghjsjsgjkk's body to hold him still.

'Skippy, Skippy... my dearest Skippy.. dinner is ready.'

A zombie stepped forwards. The reanimated remains of a young male, perhaps 18-24 years (the decomposition process makes it hard to be more precise). He had an eye missing, just the end of the optical nerve hung out, limp, over the rim of the socket, his brain was exposed, and his head appeared to be balanced tentatively upon his neck, as he regularly grabbed it, to prevent it from falling off. Skippy the zombie, seized Jfghtjkghdjjdh in his hands and promptly cracked his skull like a walnut.

The zombies, who had been eagerly anticipating the feast, were terribly disappointed when they saw the small size of the brain inside the smashed skull. Jembru, never liking to see her dear pets go hungry, took them all to McDonald's for Happy Meals instead.

*incidentally, the toy is the most edible part of a Happy Meal, but zombies aren't too choosy.

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Burger King, Mc Donald's rival was not pleased with the sudden succes mc donald had with the zombies.
BK then hired AngelBoy the mercenary, to get rid of the zombie apocalypse and whoever was behind it...

The mercenary was looking at the zombie horde inside Mc Donald while he was readying his shotgun and katana for the gruesome battle. With a shotgun in one hand a katana in the other, he kicked the doors open of Mc Donald and said
" It's Left 4 Dead time!!".

Instantly after his macho line, the mercenary equipped his sunglasses and threw a flash grenade to blind all zombies in the fastfood restaurant. The zombie dancers were the first zombies to be filled with lead. The ninjas' rotten bodies couldn't handle the swiftness of the mercenary and the skeleton zombies were still down because of the flash grenade. After some more headshots and undead-killing katana slashes, the mercenary noticed a girl was controlling the zombies. The mercenary instantly leaped towards the girl and aimed his shotgun towards her head.
The girl's cry for Skippy caught the mercenary off-guard and the following action of the so-called Skippy zombie was more trouble than expected. The mercenary got up and kicked Skippy's head off like a football.

Most of the zombies were recovered by the flash grenade by now, so AngelBoy the mercenary decided to escape with a bang. C4's and some grenades were earlier planted on the building before he entered. AngelBoy Jumped through the ceiling, ran away until he was in a safe distance and finally pressed the detonator button. The restaurant exploded in such an amazing fashion, with hundred different greenish zombie body parts scattered around...

The girl, surely died

But the Mercenary... had not realised that he was trapped in a Genjutsu/Evil Eye/Forced Daydream .... and he was being eaten alive by the Zombies while the mercernay...angelboy feels no pain ....... and a Ghostly Shadow watches (likes Raven watches Tekken 5 opening movie )....

jfdhfjug respawns near vijay, after taking a moment to get his bearings he heads in vijay's  direction to inquire about the chaos happening below.  As jfdh gets close vijay goes into a defencive stance obviously assuming the worst from jfdh, but he was only there in a friendly and well mannered way. After clearing the air and talking for a  while the two seemed to be getting along quite well, that is until vijay accidentally stepped on jfdh's foot.  Taking this as an insult jfdh draws his sword and dismembers vijay for their insolence.

Unknowning to jfdh there was a nearby stalker watch them both. The creature was silent and stealthy, hidding in the dark refletions of the night, leaping shiftly and fluently from shadow to shadow, but the awesome being entered the light of a close by lamppost it was revealed to be wearing a long coat, creepy horse mask and scottish klit. Jfdh quickly spotted the stranger and closely opserved it's movement, Jfdh figured that the thing was of no harm, but that was a big mistake because as soon as Jfhd was walking away, the Being known to some as A.K.F was taking out his swich army which had hidden special pogo stick with a gooby stamp underneath.

A.K.F wasted no time casing Jfdh, but when the victim realized his misteak it was already to late, Jfdh was a bloody pile of dead flesh with gooby marks all over and the only sound that could be heard over over in the streets was.. plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz.

 Hhahaaha OMG AK That killed me too! Sooo funny!


Little did the crazy plz plz plz Gooby Horse man know, there was a strange banana in the area...  A GREAT... BIG... ILLUMINATED BANANA.   So beautiful that plz plz plz Gooby Horse man could not resist it.   "Oh HOLY SWEET LORD THAT IS SOME BANANA! ...He cried.  "I WANT IT!!!  I WANT IT SO BAD!"   He grabbed that banana this a firm grip of his hoof....  Manically hailed "YES! FINALLY!  I HAVE ALL THE POTASSIUM IN THE WORLD!!!!"  And I am also ruler of Kazakstan!  How very nice!!!   ...In the zest of the moment, he looks up and sees is Dolan.  He realises this is some bad banana.  Dolan says "Goooby horse man plz"

Gooby horse man plz has dishonored himself and his entire family of mutant horses. He decides to do the right thing, and throws himself off a cliff.

fThat's pretty awesome sum, I don't think I will be able to beat that yet, so I will wait until my creativity strikes again. Btw you get thumps up for getting the dolan reference XD

Unknowing to sum the Horseman wasn't dead after throwing himself at the cliff, but broken beyond help. Lucky the horse god HOH-SIS heard his neighs and consumed the last parts of his humanoid body and transformed them into Ofhorse, prue equus. the hoersman climbed upward the puny obstacle with newfound Horzepoweraarz. 

The horsesome power enabled the stallion to his revenge unleased, opon this evil banana by cutting in a million pieces, with a highly sharpned, custom made, ancient repilca lookalike, pesudo eco friendly (at sundays) IKEA rejected materical, not safe for work, non washingmachinable, not aviliable in several American stats besides Texas, not compatable with vlc media player, silencer and rifle scope equiped fisher price ...........bowling bowl 

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Just then, Toramitsu comes out of nowhere like Chuck Norris and ginsus the lot of ya! []